WFMW: The Rug Stick

Gas Pains

Well, today started out with a bang. I had Chloë at the side of my bed at about 0815, telling me we were late for school. Ay! She was supposed to be on the bus 20 minutes earlier. So I threw on some clothes while she did the same and rushed out the door. Crap! No breakfast! Bad mommy! She ended up only being about 10 minutes late, but still. Not an auspicious beginning.

Of course, then the other kids were up way earlier than normal, which is good for none of us.  We kind of zoned out in the living room for a while, and then it was time to get Jack ready for school, too. I sent him up to get dressed, and he came down wearing the same clothes as yesterday. No, no, no...

After he got on the bus, I found myself with a migraine and no migraine medication. So I suffered through while Sophia and I did our usual on such days: We read stories. I tried to get her to color and draw, which is difficult, partly because she is left-handed and partly because she insists on holding the crayon/pencil at the top instead of the bottom. She watched PBS Kids while I knitted. We snuggled up together on the couch and took a little snooze. In other words, we managed.

When the kids came home, I hopped into a shower while Chloë donned her ballet leotard. I grabbed my knitting and off we went. But oops! My gas light came on as we arrived at the studio, so I had to drop her off and go get some gas.  I cringed as the final tally came up on the screen: $70.23. Yowch.  Thank goodness I normally only fill up about once a month! I ran in and got the non-twins some oatmeal cookies, which they nearly jumped out of their carseats for, and headed back to ballet.

There I managed to do some knitting instead of falling asleep. I'm working on the socks I promised Rob:

100_6565 It's slow-going for me, as I'm back to the double-pointed needles with which I have so little experience. I think it's turning out okay, though. I like the colors; so does he.

After ballet, I put the Littles down for nap (they so needed it today) while the Big did her homework. I had to leave as soon as Daddy came home, for my therapy appointment, but I promised her we'd go get the Panda Webkinz (pet of the month!) when I returned if she finished her homework.

My session went really well. No tears - nothing to cry about! We talked about the surgery I just had and the one I'm really looking forward to, and the Europe trip (shortened as it is), and this, that, and the other. I've been stable on my meds now since, I don't know, October or so, and it feels really good. The only thing I'm nervous about is having to switch that up after the gastric bypass, but I guess we'll jump off that bridge when we get to it.

There was a seven car pile-up right in front of me on the way home! That was... interesting. Police cars started flooding in as I headed away from the scene.

When I returned home, the blondies were still down, and Chloë was outside, peering under the Landcruiser's hood with her dad. Apparently she finished the homework! I smooched hubs and off Daughter and I went in search of Panda. She decided to let me name this one, and I chose Bamboo. She didn't want it to be the same as the thing it eats, though, so we amended it to Bambu. This was enough to make her happy. Silly six-year-olds!

At the mall, I guessed wrong and parked at completely the opposite end from where the Hallmark store was located. Oh well, a walk does a body good, sore back or no.  She broke her glasses at school yesterday, so her little face was on display, and her curls were particularly sproingy, so she got a lot more attention than she usually does this day. She kept giggling and saying, "Oh, thank you! Oh, thank you!" in a dramatic manner. I had to laugh.

We found Panda right away and had a look at the other 'kinz while we were there. She really wanted a kitty she spotted instead, but I reminded her about Pet of the Month and she decided to stick with our Bambu. She happily drew her allowance money out of her wallet and skipped off with the change. She's still at the point where every piece of money is worth the same thing to her. A five is the same as a one; a dime is the same as a quarter. It's all about quantity, not quality with her. She'd be happier with five ones than a five-dollar bill.


On the way home, the accident was just clearing up as the last two police cars drove off, with just a lot of skid marks all over the road. I don't think anyone was hurt; no ambulances. I didn't even see it on the evening news.

The kids were up and sitting on the porch eating goldfish crackers when we pulled up, and they ran into the driveway shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy's home!"  I do love that so.

So we had dinner, and what the heck? There was no Dancing With the Stars on, and the news came on at 2100 - two hours early - and it made me tweak. What's up with that? I don't like when my TV plans are messed with, dudes!

That's all. Not the most thrilling day, but satisfying enough. How about you?