Mother's Day
Geek In The Pink


Confession time: I think I'm giving up on the CPAP. I can't DO it! It's messed up, I think. It's hard to breathe now with it on, and I still can't sleep on my back, and I just hate it, hate it, hate it.  I haven't slept with it on in at least four nights, maybe more.

I know. Bad.

Okay, okay, I won't give up on it completely - I'll call the medical supply people and see if I can bring it in and make some adjustments.

But I won't be thrilled about it, oh, no, no!


I'm starting to rethink shutting down CARE Package. I just don't know, now. Since I made my little "announcement," I have heard from three people (who don't read my blog) who have made me realize just how important and necessary such a program is for them. I know it does good in the world. I know it does me good.

Oh well, I guess I have many moons to think about it. And I will do so.

Gah. Decisions, decisions.  Well, I'm going to put them all on the back burner right now. It's time for Ellen.