Ahhh, Bunny Balls
Pins And Needles

I Respectfully Request A Do-Over

Today pretty much sucked.  To-wit:

  1. We overslept and missed Chloë's bus. So much so that it was nearly time for Jack's bus when we awoke.
  2. The migraine, with accompanying eye pressure, returned.
  3. I didn't get to take Sophie to a freebie Gymboree class I wanted, or anywhere else.
  4. I haven't showered yet. Since Wednesday...
  5. I could barely keep my eyes open because of the headache. At least Sophia and I got in lots of snuggly time on the couch. That's always a positive.

So nothing exciting happened today, unless you want to count getting Panera for dinner. This migraine better go away by tomorrow; I have plans, man. Plans!!