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Mother's Day

Ohhh, I can't brag about what a wonderful day I had with my family today, because I didn't. Not that I had a bad day with my family, but it was mostly solitary. As in, snoozing and napping. On the couch. It's almost midnight, and I'm still in my pajamas.

Rob woke up around 0400 this morning to hang out with me and try on his new sock:

100_6615 As you can see, it's a little lose in the ankular area, as he is a skinny, skinny boy, and I followed the Yarn Harlot's (aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) basic sock recipe for women. We're hoping it'll firm up some after a spin in the washer. And not felt. I don't have any plans right now to start the second sock, but I'm planning to get it done at least before we go to Europe! I really do like the colors in it, though, and fortunately, so does the new owner.

100_6616 After that excitement, I knit yet another pair of Saartje's booties, this time to match the pink set I made a while back.  I just tried to do a search for it, and apparently I never posted it on here?!  I will have to do that tomorrow... my shower is calling me.

Anyway, we were still wide awake at 0700, so Rob went out and picked up some (drumroll) Panera for us for breakfast. And lunch. He bought cinnamon rolls (eh, not hugely impressed) and sandwiches (always stellar) for us. The kids woke up many hours later and wondered where theirs were. Sorry, children, you snooze, you lose!

Shortly after, with the Sunday paper on my lap and a full belly, I finally fell asleep and did not wake up until well into the afternoon. This does not bode well for the coming week, but I'm hoping we'll do all right.  Rob was upstairs with the kids, keeping quiet, even though I implored him not to let me sleep all day! Oy. So I woke up and was checking my email when they came tiptoeing down the stairs, Rob shushing them all the way. I tiptoed into the kitchen myself and shushed them even louder, which made the babies laugh.

It was pouring and cold and miserable all day today, but there was a monster truck rally on the beach I wanted them to go to - both for Jack's sake and mine! Call me cold-hearted, but I love having quiet time on Mother's Day to myself. And Jack really does love his cars and trucks, so I hated for them to miss it. They quickly bundled up into warm clothes and headed down to the beach.

What did I do? Well... I had my usual grand plans. Today's included taking a shower (not done), finishing all the laundry (nope), finishing getting out all the spring/summer children's clothes (nyet) and doing a little grocery shopping (uh-uh). Instead, I sat back down on the couch "for a minute" to read a little more newspaper, and the next thing I know the evening was fully upon us, and Rob was waking me up, asking me what I wanted for dinner.

You see, he had tried to do the right thing. Only, he never quite thinks of it on time. I had told him long, long ago that I wanted a great big basket of tulips from a real florist - but he only went yesterday to Walmart to get me a bunch of roses. Hm. So I went on FTD.com and bought them for myself. They'll be here Tuesday, and I don't care how pathetic it is, I want a bunch of tulips! And he made reservations for Mother's Day dinner, but not in time, so he had to make them for Saturday night. Only I was annoyed about the not thinking ahead, and the flowers, so I refused to go, because I am a huge bitch like that. (Plus I really wasn't in the mood to go to the sushi place.)

So, I thought about what I wanted, and I bashfully informed him that I wanted (drumroll) Panera for dinner! Again! All tuna, all the time! He gave me that "oh, you" look, threw on some clothes, and headed out.

BRRRRRRINNNNGGGG! Rang the phone. Panera's out. It's closed. How about Subway? Ugh. All right. BRRRRRRINNNNNNNG! Subway's closed. Um, Wendy's? Crap. All right.

So I had a crappy tough, dry grilled chicken sandwich for my Mother's Day dinner. I don't really care, though. I don't know why, but I'm not overly sentimental about this day. If I had a mother to call up and talk to, or spend the day with, or even argue with, for Pete's sake, it might mean more to me... perhaps I should get over it, though. I have had four beautiful children, and three shining faces greet me every morning, and I am indeed quite blessed.


The kids had dinner and went to bed, and then I remembered. The strawberries! Shortcake to make! Whoops! Well, it was too late now to wait until tomorrow. Once I've remembered something tasty like that, we've got to go ahead and go through with making it. I sent Rob to the store for Bisquick (sue me, I like their recipe for shortcake) and whipped cream, and the free yogurt for which I'd won the coupons - and for once, he came back with exactly the right things! Woot!!

100_6618 So I immediately set to work making the cakes and then assembling when the buzzer went off. They tasted every bit as good as they looked. There is still one more left - who wants it?

I hope you all had a great day, with whomever you were, wherever you were, whatever you did.

I enjoyed my naps and skipping the laundry, yes I did. But those three shining faces... always the best.