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The Next Picasso?

News from Erin, who won the Jafra Microdermabrasion Kit in the last Bloggy Giveaway: "It has been almost three weeks since the Microdermabrasion tool came in the mail, and I absolutely love it! It makes my skin feel so clean and soft. I'm really happy with how easy to use it is, with stellar results. I would definitely recommend the tool to anyone looking into microdermabrasion. Very gentle yet very effective."

That's great to hear, Erin! I'm glad you're enjoying it so well!

Today I caught up with an old friend for a while, online. She has five kids. Three are the same ages as mine, and then she has another one on each end. Madness! That sort of thing inspires me. If she can keep her wits about her, then surely I can manage with my brood. Right? Right?

100_6714 Afterward, I decided to break out the sponge paints and let Sophia go to town. She really enjoyed it! She had a great 'process'; you can see a cute video of her painting here.

100_6715 Except, instead of sponge painting, Soap decided it should be finger - no, hand - painting. And body painting.

100_6716 While she painted, I sat next to her and made some more cheesy Italian bread. It's really annoying when it gets up under those fake nails, you know? I actually can't stand fake nails, which is why I haven't gotten them done since the one time I treated myself for graduating from college. But they look better than my regular puny ones, and so, like my wicked stepmother always said, "It hurts to be beautiful."

Not that I'm calling myself beautiful. I'm just sayin'.

100_6717 Sophia was very happy with all her works of art. Including her tummy. She wanted to hang them right on the fridge. I encouraged her to wait until they were dry.

100_6719 While she was finishing up, the UPS man showed up at my door with yet another package! I love packages. This time, it was what I had ordered from a late-night informercial (I assure you that was the very first time I had done that, and we were in the market to buy one anyway!): My new Kodak EasyShare all-in-one photo printer! It's still sitting next to the deep freezer, in the box, because I am a wimp and can't lift it out, and Rob is konked out somewhere in this mansion we call home.  I'll have to show you a picture of it in its new home mañana, but it looks like this.

I can't wait to start printing all my pictures at home, for scrapbooking. Yay! No more waiting! And I can resize at will, instead of being stuck cropping all my 4x6es down and not having any large focal pictures. I'm so excited.

We went upstairs to clean up and get me a shower after that, and dudes, my hair was seriously coming out in clumps! In CLUMPS, I tell you! Isn't that another sign of an autoimmune disorder? I really ought to go in for that referral.

When Jack came home from school, we took our BOGOF coupon to Subway and picked up a couple of tuna subs for lunch, and one for dinner, and came home to eat. Man, those kids chowed! I'm surprised at how much they ate, especially Jack. He really wolfed it down. 

Then they were cranky and whiny when Chloë came home, as was she, so it was time for real, actual naps. They went right upstairs and to sleep, so it was a good call. 100_6720The bread was ready after that, and I waited while it cooled down enough to eat. Very impatiently. It smelled delicious. But, man, it tasted even better. Best bread I've ever made, hands down. It had the perfect texture. I really wish I could share it with you. I'm telling you, with this bread, I'm putting Panera out of business!

Then I took a nap. A very long nap. When I woke up, it was in the middle of Grey's Anatomy. Do you watch that? Wasn't it a good ending? Yay, Meredith and Derrick!! Woohoo for smoochies!

And now, my friends, I am going to Disneyworld. Not really. But I did update the Europe blog some more today. Keep checking back, I'll update it a lot more frequently now!