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100_6638_2 The tulips I sent myself for Mother's Day

I've been "off" the past couple of days, since Dr. Pal stepped me down on one of my meds to see if it's behind this allergic rash I've been having. I've been dizzy and overly tired. Yesterday, I nearly fell asleep driving home from Chloë's ballet class, and I did fall asleep in the car as soon as we pulled into the driveway. Jack was snoozing right along with me, while the girls patiently waited in their carseats. I even left the car running for the entire half hour, horror of horrors. Finally, the neighbor came knocking on my window to see if I was all right and to help me carry the children into the house. It was a bit embarrassing, but I just told her it was because of some medication I'm taking. She knows all about my surgery so probably thought it was something to do with that.

Anyway, today was about the same. Dizzy and terribly sleepy. I've managed to get the kids off to school on time all week, so at least there's that. Today, Sophia and I mostly snuggled, read a couple stories, and did a little laundry.

100_6633 Oh, speaking of laundry, I got my Soapnuts in the mail today from Laundry Tree! This bag full of soapnuts will wash at least 300 loads of laundry - not bad for $30. I bought the Ocean Breeze essential oil to scent our laundry with, and Laundry Tree gave me two extra sample bags (with 8 soapnuts each - that will do up to 16 loads!) and four extra drawstring bags free! I love these soapnuts because they really do get the clothes clean and fresh-smelling, and the best part? No waste! You just throw the used up nuts outside and they completely biodegrade. I'm definitely a convert, and I hope you'll try them, too! You can order the sample size for just a few bucks off their site, to try them out.

I eventuallly made it off my arse to go upstairs and shower and get ready for Bunco. It's the one night a month anymore I actually blow-dry my hair and put on make-up. Gotta look good for the ladies! I grabbed my pasta salad and headed out, kissing my babies goodbye.

Bunco was tons of fun, as usual. Everyone welcomed me back, and I was so excited to see them, after having surgery the same day the group last met. They were all so nice, asking how I was feeling, if everything was taken care of, etc. I'm so glad to have such a caring group of friends. We had three people missing tonight, so it was a little tricky to play, but we managed. I didn't win any prizes, but no surprise there. I had the most losses and still lost the prize for that (to a tie)! We decided I would host the July Bunco so that I can bring back cool prizes from Europe. Should be interesting; I hope I find good stuff.

Zat's about all, my friends. I think I'm going to go sit and knit on my cotton stripey blanket for awhile. I haven't touched it in ages, so its time has come.