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Not Tonight, Dear, I Have A Headache

100_6614 Today I received these cards from Betty Refour, owner of Noteworthy Crafts. Her sister Rose, who has autism, drew the pictures. Betty sells them on her site to support autism research. Aren't they cool? The cards and envelopes are really nice, and I can't wait to use them. Visit their site - they support other causes, as well!

Rob had to stand watch today once again, and I had (have) a migraine, so not much fun was had in Chez Odette today.  Well, not unless you count what fun the "big" kids had pouring all of the bunny's bedding, and his pellets, and then water on top, into his cage while I was upstairs doing a load of laundry... argh.

Rob finally came home, and all I wanted was a tuna sandwich from Panera. He graciously took the kids with him to go get food for dinner, while I worked on knitting his sock. Ah, silence. And darkness. I sat there with no noise, no lights and a pounding head. Not exactly bliss, but I'll accept it.

I have since finished the sock, but the model fell asleep and has yet to try it on for pictures. So expect that tomorrow. Until then... Happy Mother's Day!