Gas Pains
Let's Not Do Anything Rash


So the most exciting, wonderful, happy thing happened to me today: On Ravelry, a mom contacted me to tell me that she had been one of the recipients from CARE Package! She had a loss earlier than mine, but somehow she received a package from us - I know the blanket was made by my MIL because she dug it out and told me about the note card on it. She told me that whenever she thought about her son, she pulled out the items and hugged them and held them, and they comforted her. I have been waiting four long years to hear such a thing, and I am truly overjoyed and touched to know this. Whenever my energy to continue the charity flags, something happens that pushes me forward; this has by far been the biggest push yet!

Well, I managed to get my fat arse up in time to take Chloë to the bus stop on time, and get Jack on his, and get out of the house before Barbara came. Or, no, I was just getting out of the shower when she came. But close enough!

After I quickly threw the laundry baskets and what-have-yous on top of our bed, Sophie and I skedaddled to let Babs do her work. Man, I wish she could come every day. It's so lovely to come home to a clean house once every fortnight. If anyone wants to chip in our pot for a live-in housekeeper, please, by all means...!

We found out Rob's leave chit has been approved. We are going to Europe, baby! I am starting to feel more cheered about our abridged trip. There is still going to be a lot of fun. And sex. I ain't gonna lie to you.


Our first stop, Sophie's and mine, was to Panera for lunch, por supuesto. Sophie is turning into little Miss Gregarious, much like her sister was at that age. She goes up to everyone and says, "Hi! What's your name? I'm Sophie! I'm three! What's that? What's that? What's that?"  and they smile down at her, grin at me, answer her questions, and generally seem to enjoy her company as much as I do.  We ate lunch, often with her resting her sweet head on my arm, and headed back out to the car, hand-in-hand.

Have I mentioned how much I love that kid? She's sweet, she's funny, she's charming... we have great kids, I gotta say.

Next we headed to Chloë's school to register Jack for kindergarten. It didn't quite go as planned: the office lady came back and told me his shot record was "short," though at his check-up last week he didn't need any new shots. So apparently his record is incomplete, and now I have to take care of that, too. Bah. While we waited, though, Sophie ingratiated herself unto a fifth grader who was apparently there for a treat - she received two pieces of candy. Sophia asked her, "Can I have some?" but I said no, those were for her. Well, the girl left, and a couple minutes later came back with a pack of peanut butter crackers for my wee girl. It was so sweet! She (the girl) grinned at me, and I could see how much she enjoyed interacting with Soap. Sophie was well pleased and couldn't wait to get back to the van to munch down her snack. Yes, she had just had lunch. No, she is never full.

After that, we still had time to kill, so I decided to (finally) take her to Toys 'R Us to get her balloon and crown and spend the three gift cards I'd received from them. I don't know why I always receive multiple gift cards per kid - even Robby! Whatev. She was excited about the balloon but wanted nothing to do with the crown. She quickly picked out a little froggy pool toy and a pack of water balloons, and since she didn't seem interested in anything else, I decided to pick out more Hot Wheels for Jack with the third one. Why? Because I am a sucker. And because I am trying to buy my son's love.

We headed home, and Barbara was just finishing up vacuuming upstairs when we returned. She was there longer than usual, which confirmed my suspicions that the house was messier than usual. Sophia just adores talking to Babs, and I couldn't keep her downstairs, away from the poor woman. Even with PBS Kids on. She just kept skedaddling up there to cheer Barbara on from the sidelines.

I was tired out by then, so when the kids came home from school, we all lay down for naps. Apparently they were all tired, too, because it was three-plus hours before any of us surfaced. During my sleep, I dreamed that I was suffocating and choking for air. I was on the couch, without my breathing machine, so I'm thinking that was really happening. Score one for CPAP.

Rob didn't get home until pretty late, because he was voluntold to go play dodgeball as part of his chief-in-training business. He was pretty irate about having to go, and he was none to pleased when he came home and reported four losses. Out of four. He's whipped. Poor kid; he works far too much. What he needs is a good trip to Europe. With lots of sex. Ain't gonna lie.