Validation or Group Insanity?

Geek In The Pink

100_6619So this is the pink set to which I was referring last night - I couldn't find it on the blog, but I'm quite certain I've posted about it before, right? Anyway, this is the set that the Saartje booties completed. (Look, Steph - same buttons! Eight buttons that matched!)

Welp, I woke up on time - early, actually - to get Chloë up, dressed, fed, and on the bus. Yay! One small victory for Smellankind.

I was going to snooze before I had to get Jack up, but I was actually wide awake. What? Enough sleep, after snoozing all Mother's Day? We're sleepers here, I tell you. We're sleepers.

Good thing, though, because Jack woke up earlier than usual and came downstairs to sit with me during Ellen. He started asking about Robby and God again (he's got this jealousy thing against God having Robby and keeps trying to insist they're not twins and shouldn't be together, poor thing), and he wanted to see pictures of his twin. So I sat him on my lap and we looked at the pictures on the CARE Package site, first the two of them together in my belly, and then Robby all hooked up to tubes and monitors in the NICU.

He asked all about the tubes and what each one was for, and about Robby dying and stuff. And then he wanted me to scroll down and show him more pictures. Of course, the very next ones were of himself in the NICU, also hooked up to many tubes. He looked at me for a moment, frightened, and asked, "Did I died too?" And it made me feel something for him that I have not felt since he was in the NICU, the time I was sitting next to him and he started desatting after Robby died, and I freaked out and ran away, terrified I was going to lose him, too. So today, on my knee, I kissed his soft cheek and rubbed his sweet head, whispering to him how much I loved him and how happy I was to be his mommy.

It was a good moment.

And then he asked for breakfast.

So we did that, and I made his lunch and got him bundled up for school. It was another cold, wet, stormy day. What, is this not May?! In Virginia?!!! Come on, weather! Shape up!

After he hopped on his bus, while I was reading emails, I heard Sophia wake up upstairs. So I brought her a banana to eat while I was in the shower, getting ready for my appointment with that nasty Dr. Pal, who isn't mine. Pal. Get it? Ugh, I can't stand him. He's so unpleasant. But, he's in charge of my meds and literally keeps me sane, so we must deal with him.

As usual, at his office, I instructed Sophia to stay in her chair and keep quiet. She usually does very well, and today was not bad. She hopped into my lap, though, and chatted away, sweetly asking toddler questions while he wrote out all my scripts. He actually looked up and smiled at her, wonder of wonders, and commented that she kept me busy with her curiosity. Then he went back to his disdainful glare, which he usually carries when there is a small child (of mine) in his midst.

Leaving the building, Sophia asked for a Panera sandwich for lunch. Um, hm, let me think about it for a mi... okay, yes! Panera it shall be! She knows it's my weak spot, little devil. It was pouring when we drove the couple of blocks over there, so instead of taking her out in the yuck, I called my best friend, Dr. Lisa, to pick her brain about all the allergic reactions I'm having lately, since Pal was no help (other than thinking it's one of my meds). She didn't know either but is at least willing to look it up, and it was good to talk to her and hear about her Mother's Day with her two little cuties.

The rain wasn't letting up, so we finally went for it and dashed in. Sophie was so cute in her purple raincoat and blond hair that curls up when it's wet. She had her usual grilled cheese, and I my usual tuna and broccoli soup, and we giggled and talked and smooched our way through lunch. She's such a pleasure to spend a day with!

Oh, cute quote: At the drink station, Soapy saw the container of sliced lemons and said, "Can I have an orange? I mean, a yellow?" Hee.

Back at home, chores awaited, so we spent an hour and change doing laundry while we awaited Jack's return from preschool. Normally I let them watch a PBS show when he comes home, before nap, but she was rubbing her eyes and yawning. I put her down a little early, and she curled right up and went to sleep practically before I shut the door.

Jack came home and, not seeing his sister, asked me if he could go wake her up. As if she'd been in her room the whole time he was gone, ha ha! I gave him a quick snack and then sent him upstairs for quiet time. He seemed only too happy to go, for once. Tired kids! When Chloë came home, I gave her the choice of resting or starting homework. She chose rest, too. Yay, nap time for me! I was sooooo sleepy by then. Guess I didn't have quite enough sleep to make it through the day, after all.

100_6621   Chlo came down a long while later, so I got up to help her with her homework. This picture is before we got to the math part; then there was much clenching of jaw and gnashing of teeth. Actually, tonight's wasn't so bad. She seems to understand rudimentary fractions a bit better than monetary stuff.

100_6622While the rest of the family ate dinner (of which I couldn't partake, because I had lunch instead of a Slim-Fast shake, and I'd already had my dinner shake), I watched Dancing with the Stars and crocheted this onesie to complete yet another package for donation.

100_6624This is the set it completes. The blue is slightly off, but it looks better in real life than in the picture, I think.

I watched The Bachelor while I organized a bunch of loose patterns into my binder, choosing a pattern for one last set I'm going to complete tonight before donation.

Ohmigosh, did any of you watch that? Were you completely stunned he didn't choose Chelsea? I totally thought she was the one! That didn't stop me from crying my eyes out during his proposal to Shayne, though!

'At's about it for tonight. Are y'all having better weather than we are?