You're A Little Late, I'm Already Torn
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Soaked To The Bone

What a hectic morning! Chloë couldn't find socks to match her outfit, then she couldn't find her second sneaker and got stuck wearing Sophie's (one size smaller) to school; it's pouring out and we could only find one umbrella... Of course, Chloë carried that while I got drenched. At least I had my new cruise raincoat! And it did its job well.

Well, as you can see, we didn't go to LA this morning, since I'm here typing. In the end, we couldn't find childcare or flights to carry us home before tomorrow morning. What happened to the red-eye?! We could've driven to DC and taken one straight shot there and back, but I didn't find any such flights. Oh, well. Rob is going to work on trying to get us to California for his next duty station. There are jobs there for him, but the gov't typically won't move a family with more than two kids from one coast to the other, so ... we shall see what we shall see. If it doesn't happen, it wasn't meant to be, and that's that.


Yesterday, Rob came home muy early from work, even though I didn't need him home until quarter-'til-three. The first thing he did was fetch his newly-awake youngest child for some quality story time. They read her new book from Grandma at least twice.

{Heh, I just turned around, and there was the missing sneaker from this morning. Oh, well.}

While he did that, I was working on cruise paperwork and the paperwork to finish getting Jacky registered for kindergarten. Then they headed over to the school to drop it off while I went up and worked on laundry for an hour. Yay, he's in! Chloë's God-awful kindergarten teacher stopped her in the hall the other day and told  her she was going to have Jack in her class next year. Um, no, I don't think so! So I called the school and strongly requested to have him switched to the other morning-K teacher. I'll put up a fight until it's done, because we haaaaaaaaated, I mean, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated, that teacher all year.

{Huh. I just found a bunny behind me. Apparently he was out all night? Robert! Don't DO that!!}


During my laundry-doin', the box of Webkinz I ordered online arrived. I like to stock up on the ones we want so Chloë can just go to my closet and pick one out when she has enough allowance money, instead of driving to the mall each time and wasting gas, time, money. Hey, I got free shipping, too. There are some really good ones in there: gecko, rhino, koala, turtle, hippo, elephant, raccoon, gorilla, penguin, black bear, kangaroo, snake, chicken, cow, monkey, duck! I think that's all 16! Hey, I like them as much as she does, what can I say?

Soon after Jack arrived home from school, I had to leave for my gastric bypass seminar at the new doc's office up in Newport News. That's a 40-minute drive, folks. One count against them, with today's gas prices. I sat there for two-and-a-half hours listening to the spiel, filling out paperwork, getting weighed (ugh ugh ugh, I am NOT losing weight on Slim-Fast; small surprise there), and asking questions. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do, between pursuing getting the surgery done through them versus having it done at the Naval hospital.

Pros for Newport News docs: I'm much more confident in them and their abilities. I'll have choices among three or four different procedures, vs. just one option at Navy. The "hoops" I'll have to jump through for them seem slightly less stringent. I'll probably get it done faster and sooner. I for sure qualify, under the new guidelines issued by our insurance company, both because I'm just that chubbous and because of the sleep apnea.

Cons: There's that drive, for the surgery and each check-up. There is a rather large out-of-pocket fee that isn't billable to any insurance company, even the king of all insurances through the military. I'll still have to go through a psych eval, {Heh. People were asking about that last night, and the doc said he never heard of anyone getting denied for that reason. Well, hello there, aren't I a big old loser freak?} along with who-knows-what other "hoops."

I'm not even sure which way I'm leaning just yet. No, I lie, I think I'm leaning toward getting it done there, but just putting it on the back burner until after the cruise, which, by the way, is now a mere 27 days away!!!

One good thing about sitting there: I was, like, the thinnest of the fatties in the room. Doesn't that make a girl feel special?? Others were huffing and puffing just sitting there. One of those fatties (hey, I can say it, I am one) knocked my passenger side mirror out of whack on their way into the building and didn't stop to fix it; I didn't realize until I was already back on the highway toward home. Argh. Inconsiderate bastages.


Once I got home, we had dinner, and then Rob wore my unnerpannies on his head like a beret. We are such kooks.

I'm still soaking wet. Do I still need to take a shower today??