The Day The Music Died
Seriously? Are You Kidding Me?!

What's Happening Meme

I took this meme from A Daisy A Day and thought I'd play along, too. Lord knows I can't have too many posts in a day!

Outside my Window... kids kicking around after school, happy for the weekend.

I am Thinking...I should do something bake-y or crafty with my kids instead of puttering around doing nothing much.

I am Thankful For... my marriage & my husband, who is patient and kind, hardworking and conscientious, intelligent and funny, loving and thoughtful, and hung like a ... hahahaha! Did I really just start to say that?

From the Kitchen... well, nothing, like I just said, but perhaps the kids and I will knead up some dough after this.

I am the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival tomorrow, to buy some local yarny goodness! Could I be more excited?!!

I am Reading...well, the funnies, since I bought a repeat Picoult book.

I am Hoping...that our European cruise (now) goes off without a hitch, and we are able to thoroughly enjoy our romantic getaway.

I am Hearing...the littles watching "Little Bill" on Noggin and Chloë exclaiming over the fun she's having with her new sticker book.

Around the House...the laundry is piled up, there are books all over the floor, the dog just tracked mud in, the dishes need to be put away - and I refuse to stress about it. Did I mention I'm going to Maryland tomorrow?!!

One of My Favorite Things... new crafty things: I love a new flavor of yarn, new scrapbooking supplies, fresh ideas, and time to implement them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...taking Chlo to her modeling class tonight, our long drive tomorrow (will Rob drive? Will I get to knit along the way?), maybe going to my friend T's chocolate-tasting party Sunday night, and definitely some grocery shopping.

I'm Feeling...very old and tired right now. Perhaps I should be taking my iron pills in the morning like I'm supposed to.

A Picture Thought to Share for the Day...

Giantfish Fin.