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You Can Ring My Bell

Well, well, well - guess who was the only person on time to the bus stop this morning? That's right, c'est moi! Everyone else was rushing up as the bus came barrelling toward us. Don't know what's up with that, but at least we didn't have to run! I do not run.

I was really out of it today, just very loopy from going off one med and going on another new one last night. I didn't feel well and certainly not well enough to drive, so we didn't go anywhere today while Barbara was here. I normally like to get out of her way - and go to our beloved Panera - but today we just sat in the living room, Sophie and I, reading stories, cuddling and laughing, and watching PBS kids. She loves her Super Why! Oh, shoot, I'd meant to do some finger painting with her today, but I forgot all about it by the time Barbara left.

Say it with me: Perhaps tomorrow!

The mail was muy excelente today. Mr. Postman brought all my new clothes that I ordered for the cruise just a few days ago! Best of all, everything fits or, the holy grail for a big fattie like me, was too big!! I got bunches of stuff: a raincoat, three sexy nighties (although "sexy" really isn't the word when you have my physique, IMO), lots of pants/capris and tops, and a bathing suit. All the outfits work well together and will be suitable for our 9 "smart casual" nights at dinner. For formal nights, I think I'm just going to go with the new clothes I bought for Chloë's trip to iPOP! in January. Gowns, I just don't see it right now. And Rob has a nice suit, so I think we're all sit. Although his may need to be tailored; I forget... hokay, I'm babbling now. It's cruise time, very nearly, and I'm getting so excited!


I also received this Bloggy Giveaway prize - a bottle of 'exclusive Central Park green' (more like diarrhea green) m&m's, along with a Statue of Liberty m&m dispenser. The kids, naturally, adored this prize and were acting like total nutballs after many pulls on Lady Liberty's right hand to dispense the gut-green treats. More pictures of that to come. The m's tasted all right despite looking like something you might emit after eating too many of them.

The sender of this prize also went on the CARE Package website and ordered a rainbow scarf from me for his daughter, so I need to get to Michael's and buy some fuzzy yarn for that. I'm kind of tired of those scarves and might just take that page off the site, since it's the first one I've sold in about two years!


And I got this Bloggy Giveaway prize, a totebag that reads "Taking Back Countrol," from a website that helps rape survivor, of which I am one. Twice over. So it's not a bad trade-off, eh? I get a bag for it. (Total sarcasm there... although I do love my totes! Can't have enough totes for my groceries!)

100_6713 And thirdly, this Bloggy Giveaway prize came: a set of scenic notecards! I already used one tonight. Love me some notecards!

And I also got a thank-you note from CHKD (the children's hospital) for all the packages we recently donated. That goes into my special file for such things, which I'll have to carefully review when deciding whether to shut down the operation!

Oh, yeah, so I was lying on the couch with Sophie, with my eyes shut, when she reaches her finger into my mouth and deposits something on my tongue. What the?? I pulled it out, and it's her great big booger! In my mouth! Gotta love being a mother to a toddler.

We all took long naps in the afternoon/evening, including Rob and Bounce (the bunny) together on the living room floor. Bounce, of course, didn't stay put and woke me up with all his scrabbling behind the couch.

100_6707 Pretending they're not in the silliest mood ever

100_6708The kids were snuggled up together on the couch, fooling around, snuggling, being goofballs. See  video of that here. They make me laugh!

100_6709 Photographer Chloë insisted on taking some pictures after that. She took this one of Jack doing I-don't-know-what!

100_6710 She also took this one of sweet Sophia singing a song to herself.

100_6712 Not to be left off the blog, Chlo took this self-portrait. Not bad, eh?

All right, I'm off to order some naughty things for my husband for our trip. What, you thought I wouldn't tell you that, after showing his peener to my cleaning lady?!