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You're A Little Late, I'm Already Torn

{Green for money!}


So incredibly frustrating.

Here's the thing: A couple of weeks ago, Chloë got called for a national commercial for a "Z Toys" (made-up name), but they wanted her there that day and did not realize she was not LA-based. So we had to turn it down, obviously.

Well, this evening, they called back again for the same company's commercial, and they really wanted her and had given her a callback, sight-unseen. They want her there tomorrow at 4 PM Pacific Time.

Problems: So far, we can't find childcare for the Littles. It's just as expensive to fly out there tomorrow and back as she'll be paid for the commercial, and this is only the callback - she'll have to go out again if she actually gets it (but it looks good, they want her). And, I can't even get us back here until Thursday morning. More childcare concerns.  If I can't find someone, the price of flying them out there, too, skyrockets.

On the other hand, this is the highest-paying job we've submitted her for, and they want her!! Really, really want her! Thing is, she won't even get considered to audition for more substantial roles (think TV, movies) unless she gets these kinds of jobs under her belt first. Plus how cool would a national commercial be? I'm not sure if there are royalties, which would tilt us in favor of flying out, but I don't think so.

So if we scrap this one, we pretty much scrap the entire thing, because it's always going to be last-minute, high-cost airfare, not just this one time. And if we don't go, they're going to think, well, they'll never come...

What to do, what to do, what to do...