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Bzzing: Ziploc BIG Bags

100_6942 My latest Bzz Campaign is for Ziploc Big Bags. I've actually had this one for a while, but because of the huge morass that is my desk right now, I don't know whether I've got something to offer you to try them out for yourselves, like coupons for freebies! Sorry about that. If I find them, we'll revisit this product.

Anyway, we have a lot of kids' clothes. A lot. This isn't even the half of them. There are a bunch unfolded here: 100_6943

and here: 100_6944

and that ain't even the half of it. There are tons more in their dressers and closets. It can be really challenging to keep up with all the laundry, as I've mentioned here time and again!

Enter Ziploc Big Bags. Just when I needed something to contain all the kids' winter wardrobes, they arrived in my mail. Perfect! They come in three sizes: Large, XL, and XXL, so you can choose the perfect size for your project. They are thicker and heavier than Ziploc Freezer Bags, so they're quite sturdy.

I even used an XXL bag to store and give away all of the latest CARE Packages I had. And there were a ton - over three dozen!

So they're really useful for all kinds of storage.  I will say this, if you over-fill the bags, they tend to open at the handle when you lift them up, and your fake nails, if ya got 'em, can go right through the sides. They're not a hundred percent perfect.  But don't overfill them, and you're golden!