Rock Me Like A Hurricane!
Keepin' It Low-Key

It's A Penguin-Eating Laundry Dinosaur!

Saith Sophia to Stephanie on Friday night,"The laundry is like a dinosaur that’s going to eat my penguin!"

See? Once in a while I do explain the randomness that is my blog title.

And, it appears, Typepad is not going to let me whittle the size back down to normal. Lovely. We'll all just have to deal.

So tomorrow, we are leaving for two weeks for our Mediterranean cruise. Can ya stand it?!! I can't. If it wasn't for my medication, there's no way I'd be sleeping before then! I am so damn excited, can't tell you how much.

Um, so speaking of sleep, I am suddenly exhausted. I worked all day getting ready for our trip on Tuesday.

{Ha, I have no idea why that line ended up so tiny. Or how to get it back. Stupid, stupid Typepad! Argh.}

I packed, did laundry, and shopped. I haven't cleaned, but I'm hoping to get that done, at least superficially, tomorrow, along with finishing everything else up.

I guess that really is all I have to tell tonight, anyway. Don't forget to check out the European Blog while we are away - Rob is bringing his laptop, and the ship has wifi! - and Chloë's summer blog!