Thuper Thick Thummer Thurthday
It's A Penguin-Eating Laundry Dinosaur!

Rock Me Like A Hurricane!


My monthly 24-hour crochet-a-thon was this past Friday and Saturday, and I stayed up on it all night Friday trying to win (still didn't!!!), so my schedule has been all out of whack because of it.

Did you miss me?

I sure missed you! And the comments. I keep checking my email for them, but duh, no new posts = no new comments. Silly moi.

100_7112 Is that not the best-lookin' tush you ever did see??  Sophia was headed upstairs to get dressed, but instead she climbed up on the outside of the stairs to show me her tuckus. I had to squeeze and knead it for all I was worth. I might have even taken a nibble... she's got the best bum!!

Here's some more fun the Littles were having:

100_7105 Giddy-up!

100_7106 100_7107 100_7108 100_7109 Up and down the hall, they went together, riding on their little zebra stick. They'd crash and giggle, get up again, run around, crash, fall down, giggle... it was hysterical.

Welp, I've got lots of work to do to get ready for our trip in less than 48 hours!! 

See you back here tonight,  y'all.