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The Babysitter Reports Day 2 Part 2

Nothing much to report this evening.  We had good ole Hamburger Helper for dinner with steamed green beans.  Jack didn't want to eat his green beans (he loved the HH) but he gobbled them up when I got out the ice cream.  The kids played with Play Doh while I cooked dinner.  They enjoyed that, it didn't make a mess and they didn't fight.  It was GREAT.  We'll probably do that again. I did take a couple pictures of the kids, here they are in their unedited glory. 

25JUN2008 004 25JUN2008 005

25JUN2008 006

Here's some bed time pics.  Our routine while at my house goes like this: brush teeth, Jack gets his shot, pjs, story time, kisses and hugs, and lights out.  So far so good. 

June 25 again 001

June 25 again 002

June 25 again 003