The Babysitter Reports: Day 3
The Babysitter Reports: Day 4

The Babysitter Reports: Day 3 Part 2

Phew, I got the kinks worked out.  Just a few more pics from today. Then I'm going to bed. (I've been working on this blog for 2 hours!)

Here's a wet Lily after her bath.  I'm hoping it helps with the shedding. 

June 26 098

After t.v. time we had dinner.  We had tacos.  Jack asked for seconds!  Amazing.  So far we have tacos & cottage cheese (and of course cereal.) 

June 26 102

Here's a montage I made of Sophia.  All of these pictures were taken with me standing in the same spot over the span on 1 minute.  It's easiest to see if you click on it & let it open in another window. 

Sophia in motion

And finally my last pic is one that I kind of hacked up in Paint that I snapped of Chloe.  Stupid me saved over the original too.  Urg.

June 26 108