The Babysitter Reports Day 2 Part 2
The Babysitter Reports: Day 3 Part 2

The Babysitter Reports: Day 3

Whew, another day down.  I've learned one thing, it is probably best to start with one child & learn how to handle that.  Three kids is a LOT of work!  I'm beat & its only 10:30!  I could probably do most of the evening with just pictures (and I might just do that) but I'll start with a bloggity blog.  The children woke me up at about 8:30 very politely BANGING on their door.  I got everyone up, on the potty and fed.  We had pop tarts, yogurt, and an apple with juice for breakfast.  (We ran out of milk & the other jug was at Melanie's house.)  Jack wouldn't eat on his own so I ended up feeding him bite by bite his apple and pop tart.  It took a LONG time, but I don't want him to be hungry when we're on the go and we had a busy morning planned.  After breakfast & checking e-mail, I sent the kids to play in their room so I could wake up & get showered.  We headed to Melanie's house way too late to meet up with my little sister but it was ok.  I took the kids to the house where we had a snack of cottage cheese mixed with fruit cups (for Jack and Soap) and mixed with grapes for Chloe.  Melanie said she bought cottage cheese for the kids but I'd never seen them eat it before.  I don't eat it, the only person I've ever seen eat it is my grandmother & she smothers it with peach slices & juice.  So, that's what I did for the kids.  It worked, Jack ate his without complaint, Sophie had seconds and Chloe finished hers.  (It might have helped that "dessert" was a 12oz. Slurpee split 3 ways.)  They also had a small bowl of dry cereal and some milk with snack.  After snack all the kids got sunscreen on and some t.v. time for the sunscreen to soak in, while I changed.  Then we went to the pool.  Whew, that was a lot of work.  The pool has banned "swimmies" so I have to hold onto the kids.  I pretty much made them go in, with a deal that if they did we'd spend the adult swim (the last 15 of every hour) in the baby pool.  They all started out scared but warmed up to it slowly.  We practiced floating on stomach and back, kicking on stomach and back, going under, bouncing, and riding on my back.  Jack was the best at floating.  He's very scared but if he actually relaxes he's pretty buoyant.  Sophia isn't scared at all but has to focus to float.  She'll ride on my back while I swim w/o holding on!  She's a little daredevil.  Sometimes she'll hold onto my shoulders but let her legs go out behind me and kick right along with me.  Chloe was pretty good at floating too and after a long trip of floating on her back (meanwhile Jack and Sophie were clinging to my back) she was able to float for about 5 seconds on her back all by herself.  Chloe was also able to let go of me and "swim" about 5 inches underwater.  This consisted of me getting her started kicking and laying on her belly & then letting her go & stepping one step back.  She'd kick and kick and reach all while underwater until she could grab my waiting hands.  It was pretty cool, since Tuesday she wouldn't even go off the wall without screaming.  After about 2 hours outside we were all tired, Jack was actually asking for naptime, so we headed back to the house.  The girls took a bath while I fixed lunch and tried to get Jack to eat it.  Then Jack took a bath while the girls ate.  I put After Sun lotion on all of them even though I think I'm the only one who actually got any sun.  (The kids had like SPF 4,000 on.)  After lunch we loaded up & went to the cleaners to get my comforter.  The cleaner's is about 10 minutes from Melanie's house & by the time we got there the girls were both asleep.  Jack was fighting it but he was close.  The kids got a good little 40 minute nap in on the drive back to my house, and I sent them to lay down some more when we got home.  (I needed a little break.)  After that Tim came home & started to cut the grass yay!  The grass getting cut meant we could break out the much anticipated "Bubble Mower".  Jack STILL thinks it really cuts grass.  It doesn't help that we have a mulching mower so there are clippings all over the yard which were flying up when he was running around like crazy.  The kids all three loved it.  We were outside for about 2 hours & I was directing the turn taking of the mower almost the whole time.  Anyway, from here on out I can blog with photographs, which will make mama happy. (Well and anybody who is tired of reading, too!) 

After he cut the grass Tim decided to brush out Lily for me.  She is shedding a lot right now & we have to brush her every day to keep it under control.  All that stuff on the ground is hair! 

June 26 001

Here's Sophia walking up the wagon handle.  By the way, Mel, we brought the wagon over.

June 26 004

Isn't she pretty?  She was playing frisbee with Wazowski. 

June 26 009

Jack enjoyed the Bubble Mower, a lot.  Rosie liked eating the bubbles.

June 26 012

Handsome Jack strikes a pose.

June 26 020

This is the face Jack makes if you ask him to smile.

June 26 019

So Sweet Sophia...

June 26 022

Chloe helped with the massive job of cleaning up Lily's hair while Tim was brushing her.

June 26 026

Isn't Rosie a photogenic dog?  I love her.  I know Mel does too!

June 26 032

So does Chloe.  She loves to "hold" her. 

June 26 045

Ahh, Lily after her brushing. 

June 26 056

What a simply Sophia look.  She makes this face a lot!

June 26 075

Chloe and Soph found a pill bug.  They were fascinated. 

June 26 079

Here's Chloe holding it.  She loved how he'd crawl while on the ground but curl up when she held him.  I found out later that she tore him in half when she got tired of playing with him. Gross.

June 26 081

Tim, the girls, and I decided to bathe Lily too.  She actually LIKED that.  She hates being brushed though.  Anyway we all get wet and sloppy bathing her.  Jack managed to get dirty too & he didn't help!

June 26 083

So, into the tub they went.  (They'd already had baths today, but they were seriously dirty after 2 hours outside.  So we took a quick one with all three in the tub.) 

June 26 085

Guess who's bum we're looking at?  This one is just for Melanie, because I know she misses her daily tooshie squeeze.

June 26 088

After bathtime & P.J.s were on the girls struck a pose.  First Chlo...

June 26 089

then Sophie!

June 26 090

While Tim cooked dinner  & I cleaned house, the kids watched some Noggin.

June 26 101