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The Babysitter Reports: Day 4

Oh boy, the babysitter is tired.  Today was a long day.  I woke up to 3 wet bums--I didn't get there in time for Chloe to make it to the bathroom so I started out the day cleaning up three kiddos.   We didn't have anything to do today, so we kind of took it easy. 

We had a bum day, breakfast was cereal and one of my favorite snacks, apples with peanut butter and marshmallows on top.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed that.  Then the kids played for a while and then they took early naps.  By 11 am, all three kids had thrown fits of crying & yelling over really tiny things.  Chloe's was because Jack pushed her chair.  So, we took a morning nap.  I think they must have gotten up during the night or something because they were SO tired and they shouldn't have been.  So around noon they got up again and we had snack.  Today's snack was goldfish, french fries (baked), and applesauce.  After snack we started a craft that I realized too late, the kids are too little for.  We were going to make jumbo crayons.  But, I didn't do the prep work and well, peeling labels off of crayons and sorting them by color is pretty boring.  If your 3, 5, or 6 it's REALLY boring.  We did manage to go through about 20 lbs of crayons, sort out the busted ones, and peel almost all the papers off.  We also sorted all of them except for yellow, green, blue, and purple.  (There are A LOT of colors of crayons!)  We finally put it away and had lunch around 2:30.  (We may or may not finish that project, we'll see how next week looks.)  Lunch was PB & Nutella again.  All three Odettelettes like it & it's easy to make.  They also shared 2 bananas 3 ways.  Chloe ate a fruitcup, Fruit Roll Up Stackers, Yogurt tube, and drank all of her drink as well.  Jack and Sophie only ate the sandwich and banana.  After lunch Jack laid down and Sophie, Chloe, and I went outside to play and watch a storm blow in.  We played with the new paddle ball velcro set.  Chloe was really good at it, if she stood still and I threw the ball directly at her paddle.  She had a funny way of keeping "score" too.  If I missed her paddle when I tossed it to her that was a miss for me.  If she threw the ball way over my head and it went half way across the yard (we were about 3 feet apart) that was also a miss for me.  So I lost big time.  Oh well.  We had fun.  When the storm got close we moved the yard stuff up against the house and ran inside as the big, fat, summer raindrops started. 

Then we all got loaded up and went to the pharmacy to get my Rx and to Farm Fresh to get groceries.  This is what Jack asked me as I placed 2 bags of groceries at his feet, "Stephanie, why did we have to go to the grocery store?"  "To get groceries, silly boy!"  This is pretty much how my entire day goes.  I never realized how many questions they ask when I was just babysitting for a few hours.  When we got home it was t.v. time for Jack and Chloe and  Soap needed a nap.  She had been asleep in the car and wanted to lay down for a few minutes when we got back.  I don't think she went back to sleep but she stayed in the room for about 20 minutes. 

Somewhere around there, Tim came home and took over so I could make dinner.  Chloe was being really bossy and kept yelling at her sister and brother.  She was super cranky today.  I think she's starting to miss Mom and Dad.  (a lot)  Tim tried to talk to her but he didn't really get anything out of her.  I made home-made Italian spaghetti sauce for dinner.  I burnt the first half of my loaf of Italian bread but the second half came out okay.  Sophia gobbled it up (made a mess in the process but gobbled it up, she did) and Jack ate pretty well too.  Chloe ended up getting sick at dinner and then went to bed.  After I got Chlo cleaned up, into p.j.s and tucked into bed, Sophie, Jack, Tim, and I took the dogs outside for some fun with sparklers. 

I'm guessing this was their first experience with them.  Sophia LOVED them.  Jack was a little scared but thought they were cool.  The whole time we were outside he ran away if you got too close with one, but when we came inside he ran through the house yelling "We made fireworks, we made fireworks!" 

Here are some pictures from that:

June 27 002

June 27 026

June 27 028

OK, I just realized they are both covered in spaghetti sauce.  Don't worry I will get that out of the clothes! 

June 27 037

After we came in, Tim and I cleaned up the kitchen and gave Jack and Sophie a freeze pop for dessert.  Then I gave them a quick rinse off in the tub and got them into p.j.s.  Jack does NOT like Tim giving him his shot.  Both times now  he has started screaming and crying before Tim even has the needle ready.  I don't think Tim is hurting him (any more than a shot in the butt does), I think he's just so used to Dad doing it.  But, he calms down quickly and then we get into bed.  So, that was our day.  I'm beat.  It's not even 11 yet.  I'm glad its the weekend and Tim will be here to help out.  I might actually sleep in a little tomorrow! 

I don't know if we're going to the pool or what, but we do have to go check on the critters tomorrow.  On Tuesday we are going to go see Horton Hears a Who at the Cinema Cafe for $1 each!  On Thursday we are going to go see Everyone's Hero at the Regal theater for FREE!  Sweet! We'll probably swim both of those days too, since we'll be near the house.  I also still have tie-dying, foam crafts, sidewalk chalk, and the playground in our neighborhood that we haven't explored/experienced.  So more fun to come in the next week! Night!