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The Babysitter Reports: Day 5

Well, today has been a pretty good day. 

We got up kind of late, around 9 am.  The kids spent the morning playing in their bedroom.  (I don't know if I've explained that yet, the kids have their own room which has all of their toys in it.  They can't bring their toys out of the room for 2 reasons.  Reason #1 is Wazowski & Rosie.  They have already eaten a Little People veterinarian doll and chewed on Penguin.  Penguin is ok, but he is in time out until I have time to wash the slobber off of him.  (for those that don't know, Sophie LOVES penguins & Penguin is her doll) Reason #2 is that my house is small & there are 4 dogs, 3 kids, and 2 adults living here right now.  So, they spend a lot time in their room or outside.)  Anyway, back to our day.  Tim and I had to balance our checkbook & take care of some business.  Then I baked a hot cake with butter for breakfast.  The kids were AMAZED that I could make something SO yummy.  Thanks to my mother-in-law for teaching me to make hot cake.  It's basically a cake that you slather butter on & eat hot.  The kids all gobbled it up.  Then we all shared a big bowl of grapes.  After that, Tim and I went to get dressed while the kids played in their room.  I walked by and overheard their play.  Sophia and Jack had the little people town set up (it was cute) and Sophie said, "Honey, I'll be right back, I'm going to Europe."  She had the same tone as someone saying, "Honey, I'm checking the mail, be right back!"  It's cute their idea of where Europe is.

Chloe just asked me to pronounce "orphanage" for her, she's reading Meet the Robinsons. 

After Tim and I got dressed & packed up 40 lbs worth of stuff, we got the kids covered in sunscreen and headed out.  We made a quick stop at the Dollar Store for some sand toys (I didn't know if Mel had any.) and I ran in, b/c Soap was asleep.  Then we went to Rob and Mel's so Tim and I could change and so I could take care of the animals.  We took turns going in, because Soap was still asleep.  I took care of Bounce.  He needed food, water, and his litter changed.  I also gave him some loving, even though I'm not a "rabbit person."  I also loved on Tinkerbelle, even though I'm allergic to her, because she seemed to want the attention.  I cleaned up her wet food bowl, shook down some more dry food for her & freshened her water.  (Then I washed my hands really well so I wouldn't break out.)  I also packed a cooler with some yogurt, some Apple Jacks, and some juice cups for the kids b/c I realized we were going to miss a meal due to our late breakfast.  After Tim ran in to change we headed to the beach. 

I took all three kids in.  We had water wings & a noodle.  I had 2 kids hanging onto the noodle while Tim held the third child.  (Does it bother you that I say kid instead of child?  If so, I'm sorry.)  They did pretty well.  Better than at the pool.  Jack actually enjoyed himself, even though he'll tell you he hated it.  He can float & even swim a little on his own, but he's so scared he doesn't know it!  I even laid on his back in the ocean with water wings all by himself.  Just floating over the waves.  The girls wouldn't do it.  Chloe is terribly afraid of the water.  She complained and clinged to Tim most of the time we were in the water.  Sophie was fine until she realized Chloe was freaking out, then she got scared too.  That's when we decided to head in.  On the way in, we got wiped out by a BIG wave and that really shook Jack up.  Sophie recovered quickly.  (Tim was carrying Chloe & he didn't get wiped out b/c he's a lot taller than me!)  Jack took a while to calm down and start playing in the sand but he eventually did.  All three kids played in the sand burrying each other's feet & throwing sand around.  Tim and I relaxed and enjoyed the sun.  Tim is really doing a lot better with the kids.  He's still a softie & they reach for him when they want held.  It's ok, I'm used to it by now. 

I don't know how you (by you, I mean Mel & Rob) feel about baring the kids' bits in public, but I had them strip at the little water fountain thingy so I could clean them with clean water.  I had Chloe put her dress on & lift it so I could clean her bottom half--so she wasn't COMPLETELY naked.  Jack and Sophie though, I just sat them under the water naked.  Then I had them put on their beach cover-ups and we walked to the truck that way.  When we got back I had them take off their cover ups, dusted the stray sand off with a towel & dried them & got them into nice clean, warm, dry clothes.  (By the way, Sophie's cover up is WAY too small.  It gets stuck on her head when she tries to take it off.)  Once we were all sand-free & dry we got in the truck with sippy cups in hand & headed home. 

I slept on the ride home.  I had been feeling queasy this morning & my upset stomach and headache were back.  By the time we got home (its a 45 minute ride at the least) I had a full on migraine.  I came in & laid down in the kids room while they played.  Jack had a bowel movement in his shorts so I had to clean him up too.  He's been running to & fro the bathroom since like 7ish.  (Is this normal for him Mel?  He hasn't had any other BMs since you left that I know of.)  Once all the kids had gone potty I sent them in their room so I could get a shower & so Tim could go pick up some pizza.  I ended up falling asleep in the tub & Tim woke me up when he got home with the pizza. 

We ate dinner, pizza followed by yogurt, and then I came to do our blog.  The kids are playing in their room (waiting to watch a short movie with us) and Tim is cutting the grass out front. 

Overall, I feel like I'm doing pretty good.  The kids are eating quite healthily.  (Lots of fruit, veggies, and milk, not too many sweets) and we aren't watching too much t.v. each day.  Nobody has had any tantrums of missing Mom & Dad, but I think they're almost too little to really express it.  I know they do miss them.  They ask about them a lot, how many more days, and where they are. 

I didn't take any pictures of our adventures today, sorry. 

One more thing worth noting, Sophie won't give me a kiss or let me kiss her.  This is not normal.  She usually gives me a peck on the cheek at bedtime at least.  I think this is her little way of saying, "I want my MOMMY."  She'll let me hug her & she even hugs me too.  Jack and Chloe are full of kisses & hugs, which is a little unusual for the Jackman.  He only gets kissy/huggy when he's in the mood. 

Ok, Tim's done with the lawn, time to watch Pixar Shorts. 


(Melanie, I need you to call or e-mail me about the shed.  It's really bothering me.)