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The Babysitter Reports: Day 6

Today was a good day.

We got up kind of early (I was up with an upset stomach before 8!) to get ready for church.  The kids had a breakfast of cottage cheese with peaches, bagels with jelly (Grape for the girls & apple for Jack) and juice.  After breakfast everone got baths (first the littles then Chloe), baby lotion (because we didn't do After Sun yesterday), and dressed for church.  The girls wore cute dresses & Jack just wore play clothes at that point.  Then we went through the chore of actually getting out of the house. 

This involves packing sippy cups into a cooler lunchbox, packing a snack for each child, gathering quiet toys to entertain the children, making sure we have everything we need (which today included a lawnmower & change of clothes for Tim & Jack's dress shoes), putting the dogs in their crates, giving the dogs toys in their crates, turning off all of the lights, locking all of the doors, setting the alarm system, double checking everything, and then running out.  Then we buckle all three kids into the appropriate seats.  Chloe can't seem to buckle her seatbelt in the truck (even though she does fine in the van) so we're even helping her while Tim is home.  Then we get on the rode.

Our first stop was Rob and Melanie's house.  I didn't have any "dressy" clothes for Jack (I was looking for something with a collar) so I wanted to go by there and look around.  I found a 24 months "suit" in his closet.  It was cute with a button down, a snap on tie, and suspenders for the short-pants.  He looked SPIFFY! (Lots of people at church commented on how handsome he was.)

Our second stop was church.  Chloe wanted to know what the steeple on the church was & what it was for.  The Odette children have an AMAZING vocabulary, so add that one to the list.  (Their current favorite word is still 'overpass'.) 

All three kids were SUPER during church.  They sat quietly during the beginning of the service, didn't complain about going up front for the children's message, and their Sunday School teachers said they did AWESOME.  The children's church message was about Horton Hears A Who and basically loving everyone and everyone is a person, no matter how big or small, pretty or ugly, rich or poor, you get the drift.  I thought it was GREAT because we will be going to see Horton Hears a Who on Tuesday at the dollar theater! 

After church we had to go to Tim's parents house to drop off the lawnmower & help my FIL fix his lawnmower.  Tim got it working again after about 30 minutes.  The kids were pretty good while we were there.  They watched the Miss Spider show on Noggin.  There are a lot of breakable things in MIL's house so we couldn't really do anything.  They were quite tickled with the fact that Peaches (their 10 yo dog) was Blondie's baby (Blondie is my 16 year old dog) and that Mocha (There 11 yo dog) was Blondie's "husband". 

Around 2 we left there and headed home.  Lunch today was leftovers.  Chloe & Sophie had chicken tenders, Jack had pizza.  We all had yogurt & granola bars & an apple w/ peanut butter.  After lunch it was naptime.  I think we've worked the kinks out of that too.  Jack goes to bed in my bed & then I carry him in after they are all asleep.  After the kids were all settled for naptime (probably around 3:30 or 4) I went out & left Tim in charge.  I had to go to Kohl's to spend the Kohl's Cash Melanie gave me, Thanks Mel! I got a pair of shorts for $4 out of my pocket!  Then I had to go to the grocery store, for more food.  I got 2 more gallons of milk, 4 lbs of yogurt, a big box of granola, juice, veggies, fruit, and some fish.  We are set for the next week.  We're moving right through the food that Melanie left too. 

When I got home at 7 the kids were just getting up so I got them up and let them go out back to play.  They played outside for a little more than an hour.  I did take a couple pictures, BUT, I can't upload them because our servers (yes both) crashed & our computer network is seriously messed up now. 

Tim and the dogs hung out-out back with the kids while Tim grilled burgers and dogs.  Then we came in to eat.  Jack didn't really eat much at all, the girls both ate all of their food.  We had hamburgers (J) and hotdogs (C & S), french fries, corn, and a piece of baby bel cheese. 

After dinner the girls had some ice cream with Tim and then we snuggled on the couch while we watched 30 minutes of Nanny McPhee.  We put the kids to bed almost an hour ago (well that's when we started the bedtime routine) and the girls are still awake. 

I'm sick.  My stomach has been REALLY upset today & I've been having crazy hot flashes.  I can't go outside w/o breaking into an intense sweat & feeling like I'm suffocating.  I can't wear much more than a tank top & shorts or I feel overheated.  I don't know why I'm feeling this way, but after the fourth of July I might know more.

Tomorrow is going to be a boring day of me doing housework just to give you a preview.