The Babysitter Reports: Day 6
The Babysitter Reports: Day 7 Part 2

The Babysitter Reports: Day 7 Part 1

Well today has been a good day. 

The kids slept in and so did I.  I slept until about 9:15.  When I went to get the kids Sophia was in her pack n play, saying to herself, "I'm the only one up. I'm the only one up."  So I got her out of the room so Jack and Chloe could wake up on their own time and let Sophie watch Noggin while I browsed the net & woke up on my own.  After Jack and Chloe got up, I got all three kids into clean undies & let them play in their room.  I started cleaning then & boy was I on a roll.  I cleaned & mopped the entire kitchen (we kind of let it get out of hand over the weekend), vacuumed & straightened up the living room, and did a couple loads of laundry before noon.  Somewhere in there I gave the kids a snack of dry Apple Jacks.  Around 11:45 I fixed brunch for the kids.  They had Peanut Butter and Nutella mini bagels, part of an apple with PB & Marshmallows, and yogurt.  After lunch all three kids went outside with the dogs to play.  They played well outside for about an hour.  They even got to have a freeze pop while they were outside!  While they played I cleaned the back half of the house.  I swept their bathroom & put the rugs in the wash, vacuumed the hall & their room, and then brought them in for a snack.  Jack decided to spray Sophia with the water hose so she was soaked.  I stripped her down and gave the kids some mandarin orange cups with milk for snack.  While they ate snack, I vacuumed my room and cleaned up my bathroom. After snack, Jack went and took a "rest" in the bedroom while Soap and Chloe watched, "Me, Eloise" on my bed.  I took a shower while all three kids had quiet time.  It was about 3:00.  After that I sent the kids in their room to play so I could veg, get dinner ready, and check my e-mails.  I got my SOL score reports from school.  94% of my class passed reading (16/17 kids!) and only 59% of my class passed math (10/17!) The reading score ROCKS and was the best on the grade-level, but the math score sucks.  I was last on our grade level for math. 

The kids just had a snack of goldfish crackers and are back in their room. 

We are going to be having baked potatoes, catfish nuggets and canned veggies for dinner.  I am going to try something new with the catfish.  I am going to bread & quickly fry them & then put them in a baking dish & bake them a little too.  I like my fish DRY and I'm hoping that's how it comes out.  After dinner I'm hoping we can make it to City Park so the kids can go to the big playground there.