Going Retro
Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

Thuper Thick Thummer Thurthday

No idea why I'm lisping. Random.

Nothing particularly spectacular happened today. We all woke up pretty early for us (around 0800) for a summer day, and we were all out of sorts because of it. I was too tired to do much with the kids, and they were cranky and irritable anyway. We got in each other's way until around noon when I decided all four of us needed naps. The kids seemed actually happy, for once, to be told to go to their rooms and rest.

We all took loooong naps, too. It was what we needed. We just aren't morning people!

I woke up to hear Chloë coming down the stairs, crying. I held her on top of me on the couch for a long time, as she whimpered about her headache. The child has been getting migraines lately. So I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere for the rest of the day. I canceled the two mystery shops (one was a Panera, dang it, and I couldn't reschedule) I had for today and just did the one phone-only shop while she rested some more.

When Daddy came home, he gave her some crushed-Tylenol and a little Coke, for the caffeine. Before she drank any, she was in the bathroom, vomiting her poor head off, with me holding up her hair. The headaches make her nauseous.

But then she drank. She hated it, but we made her - and it helped. Her headache was gone shortly after that. I'll definitely be bringing it up at her next check-up.

I did manage to make an appointment to get a referral to an allergist for myself. I tried just getting the referral over the phone, since I've already been in twice about it, but my PCP is away for an extended period, and I would need to see someone else. Bah! I wanted to get a neurology referral, too, for that weird eye thing I've got going on, but that would be a whole 'nother appoinment. *grumble*

There's not much else to report. At nine, Chloë and I hopped in the car and returned the kids' library books from last week, so they wouldn't be late while we're gone. Maybe I'll get a chance to take them for some new ones before we go.

I'm trying to work on clearing off my desk, doing all my paperwork stuff, getting papers in order for the cruise, etc. I've made up and printed out all the Bunco forms, since we're hosting it two days after our return. That's all ready to go... and I guess maybe I'll try to work on that zipper tonight, since it looks like Rob has gone to bed for the night.

Happy Friday, y'all!