It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!

Waiter, There's A Fly In My Whine

I have no pictures of FOs (finished objects) for you today.

I didn't crochet on the little Stephanie dress today.

I did make two loaves of my now-famous cheesy garlicky Italiany bread, to bring to Bunco.

After that, I started to make Chloë's pair of the green batik shorts. I messed up, though, and cut on the right side in some places and the wrong side in other places, so half her shorts are right-side-out and half will be inside-out. You can't really tell, though, due to the nature of the fabric, and anyway I think it's hilarious so I'm going to keep them that way as a reminder.

The pockets got messed up, too, and I had to rip-rip-rip twice to put them in the right way. At least I think they're in the right way. They don't stick up and they don't stick down. Only, they're supposed to be up higher than they are. Much, much higher. I've decided to leave them that way, too. You know. Reminder.

Now I'm stuck, on the casing for the elastic waist. I just don't know what to do. Fold this down, fold that up, but what and where?  Rob is asleep and refusing to answer his phone (my preferred method over standing at the bottom of the stairs and hollering up at him; his preferred method over me walking upstairs and dumping a glass of ice cold water on him) (I've only done that once and he really deserved it) (One time he peed on me and I really deserved it) (I like parentheses), so I think I'm going to have to leave it that way until tomorrow. Which sucks, because now what am I going to do during the day tomorrow?

Oh yeah, crochet. And read to Sophie. And pick up the raffle prize I won from Chloë's school's Relay For Life team.

Where was I?

So yeah, I started the shorts, and then Stephanie came to bring me to Bunco. It was a long way out in her brandy-new Toyota Tundra, so we talked all about the details of our European trip and her watching the kiddos. There are a lot of details. Good thing, because we like to talk about them.  I called T-Mobile to set up the worldwide service, so now she can call me any time of the day or night if someone breaks their arm or someone's homesick or something. And I can call her because I'm homesick for my babies. Good deal.

{Steph, remind me to give you the number for our cabin on the ship, too. You can call there. And you never emailed me tonight with that other information!!}

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Bunco. It was lots of fun, as usual. I was glad to be around my friendy-friends, as usual. Carolyn was a big pain in the ass bitch, as usual. Man, I can't stand her. Someone needs to find a way to kick her out of the group, I swear. I could talk your ear off about all the ways she annoys me - and everyone else. It's not me. I know it's not. Everyone commiserates. Don't care if I spelled that right!

My bread got all eaten up, and I was so pleased, I've decided that's what I'm making every time. The rest of the food was really good tonight, too.  I was able to eat a decent dinner; half the time, it's all beef and desserts. And I won a prize - the Avon (I guess?) Empowerment bracelet in support of (well, you know what I mean) domestic violence. It's pretty cool. Except I think I'm allergic to it.

Time to go dump some ice water on Rob's head.

(Not really.)