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Wordless Wednesday: Who Wants Ice Cream???

WFMW: Schwan's

Wfmwsmall Last week, for the first time, I placed an order with Schwan's Home Delivery. Maybe you've seen their trucks around town, or even in your neighborhood? I had never eaten their food before - though my husband had - and kept getting curiouser and curiouser.

Finally, the curiosity got the best of me, and I looked up their site to see what was what. The first thing I spotted was an offer: Free entrée (limited choices; I picked the chicken pot pie) with a  - what? - $30 order, I think.

I'm in!  I can spend $30 on food, no sweat.

Well... $360 later, I had ordered a ton of good-sounding food. I picked appetizers, entrées, desserts, ice creams, veggies... I just went crazy. I just did all my grocery shopping - except for, like, milk and nonfood items - right there in one sitting, and I didn't even have to leave my house!

I set up my delivery on a day and at a time that worked perfectly for me, and that was it! I didn't even have to pay for it then.

Sam, my Schwan's guy, called me up a day or two later to be sure I had enough freezer space for all this stuff. After all, he said, I'd placed one of the biggest orders he'd ever had, and he didn't want to get there only to find out I had just a side-by-side that was already half full. I couldn't blame him. We have a smally deep freezer, mostly emptied, so I assured him I thought I had the space.

Well, he was right to question.

I ended up having to do a lot of reshuffling in my freezer, eating a thing or two with my 3yo, Soap, well ahead of schedule, and freecycling the things we would probably never get to anyway, but then! I had two freezers absolutely stuffed full to the brim with food!

And not only that, but since I ordered a lot of entrées, I wouldn't have to make a lot of different meal plans this time. Just pull something out of the freezer, and voilà! Heat it up, and dinner is served. Plus, there are lots of great things in there to snack on, so when the kids get the munchies and I'm out of yogurt and cottage cheese, there is something reasonably nutritious in the freezer.

And the ice creams? Soooooooo good.

I probably won't order anywhere near that much at a time from now on, but I'm definitely hooked. Give it a try, I love it!