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Call Me Crazy, But...

... I am starting to reconsider my prohibition on motorcycles. Er, Rob driving a motorcycle, to be precise. He's a bad driver. A bad, often reckless driver. He has an accident at least once a year, and they're usually his fault. Therefore, I have always told him that the day I let him get a motorcycle is the day he knows I don't love him anymore.

But... I don't know now. We're having car problems. He is, that is. The VW won't start anymore, and he had to replace the brake lines on the ShitCruiser today. And, of course, that thing is a gas guzzler. Right now, when I'm trying to put us on a budget to eradicate our credit card debt, we don't need an outrageous petrol bill. (Petrol! You like that? I think I'm European now, huh?)

Anyway, after seeing all the scooters and 'cycles in Europe, and realizing just how advantageous that would be considering the oil prices... I'm starting to reconsider. I even mentioned it to him tonight, so I'm sure his mind is whirling with the possibilities. He asked me, "What about inclement weather? I wouldn't want to have to take your car from you."  Ha! I had told him IF we got a motorcycle, he had to get rid of BOTH cars. I told him it wasn't my problem, and he wasn't taking my car. Wear a raincoat, dammit! Kidding... but your thoughts are welcome on the matter. Am I insane?!

Aside from the obvious, of course.

So today, I felt like crapples, with the upset tum and the headache and I was super dizzy and out of it when I woke up. I slept until 11, got up and ate breakfast, checked email, and went back to lie down - until after 4 PM!  I felt fine after that, but I don't know what my deal was. Things just weren't right.

In the meantime, Rob had the kids out and about, working on the lawn with him, going to get new brake lines for the ShitCruiser, etc. He's such a good dad. And husband. It's easy to take him for granted, knowing what so many other guys are like out there, but I really do appreciate all his hard work and letting me take time for me when I need it.  Thank you, baby. (He'll read that in, like, September.)

After I woke up, Chloë and I went upstairs to pack. 12 more hours before we leave for camp!! (from now, not then) I had the checklist and the marker, and I would call out things that she needed to fetch for her suitcase. While she fetched, I marked her name on everything but the socks. She ran in, out, up, down, and all over, but we got everything. Almost everything. She still didn't have the right sized boots, or a laundry bag, or a dunking bag. Or a disposable camera. Mom, I remembered it this time! 

While I took a much-needed shower (cold, of course, love my cold summer showers), I had Chloë pack everything herself. That way, she would know where it all was, and she would know what all she had. No going without until the last day when it was time to repack, wondering why Mommy forgot this or that. No, ma'am, it's all there, and she made sure of it.

So that was exciting. So fun! I just can't wait to take her tomorrow and show her around, see where she's going to sleep, and swim, and eat. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures. And hugs and kisses. Hopefully no tears.  On her part, anyway. I'm allowed, right?

After we packed, I sent Rob to Panera to get dinner. I had $35 in free Panera gift cards from MyPoints! You really should sign up, if you haven't. It doesn't cost a thing. Anyway. I called in the order, since it was near closing and he wanted to just swing in and out. They actually got everything right - it was kind of a big order. We ate, and mm, it was all so delish. That's two Paneras in the, oh, five days since we've been back. But that'll be it. At least until Barbara comes again.

After dinner, Rob took the littles up for a shower and a bath. Well, Chlo took a shower too, but then she and Rob went out to Wal-mart to get the rest of the items on her list. She had to go to try on the boots, since he'd gone earlier, while we were all asleep, to pick some up. They didn't fit. They were too small for Sophia. Now he got a pair that were too big, but hopefully a pair of socks will make all the difference.

And I, well, I worked on the Monaco/France blog. Did you read it? It's much shorter than Barcelona's, I promise. Still lots of pictures. It's been a lot of fun reliving the trip through the blog.

And finally, I got the pictures to upload. So without further ado, here are some from the past few days:

100_7742 Stephanie's self-portrait after Drunko Bunko on Wednesday. (That's the coconut necklace I got in France!) She was totally smashed here. You should have seen all the outtakes I had to get rid of in order to get to this one!  She also took a bunch of me, including a couple with my pants pulled up past my boobies, but I deleted all except this one:

100_7752 Aren't I gorgeous??? That's actually my Jabba the Hut face. I bring him out for special occasions.

100_7757 Everyone working nicely on the craft from Grandma. Yeah, it's for Christmas. But they don't care!

100_7758 Steph joined in (she spent the night) to help Little Bit. It's coming together nicely, now. Of course, Jack's omni-present car had to make the scene.

100_7759 The finished masterpiece. Oooh. Ahhhh. Clap, clap, clap.

100_7761 While I was gone, and since I've been back, the packages have been streaming in for CARE Package! Some of those socks will fit Chloë, but that's okay. My kids have tiny feeties. I'm sure there must also be some babies with ginormous piggies, right?

100_7762 Three sweet little gown-bonnet-mitts sets. Aren't they cute?

100_7763 And last but not least, Deanna made some angel magnets (left), while K. S. sent three of these beautiful purple layettes. I actually received another package after taking these pictures, from Anne, but I haven't photographed them yet.

Thanks for all the donations, crochet-listers!! It's been a good month after all.

If you stopped here from BPE, it's okay to say hello, now that you know who I am.  Howdy!