A Taxing Tuesday
Congratulations, Winners!!

Life's A Beach

Blah. I am in the Internet Doldrums right now, I think. I love being online; I think we all know that. I just don't feel like entering the Bloggy Giveways (I barely have!), blogging, visiting message boards... I think it's a little bit of burn-out for me right now. The one thing making me happy is getting entries for my giveaways and having people add me as a favorite seller on Etsy. Love that!

Sophia. She is doing much better! She still mostly wants to eat soft foods as opposed to attempting to chew on anything. She's obviously afraid of causing pain in her mouth right now, and I don't blame her. Things still look pretty sore in there. There's a stitch hanging out of her mouth that's driving me nuts, but I'm being a good girl and leaving it alone.

She's still talking about wanting her "loose toothes" back. Yesterday we had to call the Tooth Fairy and ask her to return them. Daddy played the role of TF in a most hysterical manner. So now we have the treasure box and can admire the 'toothes' whenever we want.

The thing that's bothering me is that she's like a completely different kid now. Stephanie opined that she looked older with missing teeth, and I have to agree with her. It's also changed the shape of her lower face, and of course there is an extreme difference in the way she talks. Her behavior is changed; she's more fearful and prone to crying. I'm hoping that will wear off soon. She's a risk-taker by nature, and while I don't love that, I do love her happy-go-lucky little self.

The whole thing is just making me sad. There's no other word for it. I think that's the cause of the afore-mentioned IDs. I probably feel guilty. I was sitting right here when she climbed up there...

Anyway. There's no changing things now. We keep talking about whether to put a bridge in her mouth. We'll get a second opinion from her regular dentist and go from there.

Beach.  Yesterday, after Chloë came home from school, we packed up my three and me in one car, and Stephanie, her sister, and three of her sister's kids in another, and headed down to the oceanfront. Wednesday is free parking for Beach residents, so we're trying to make it a regular thing.


After Jack came home from school yesterday, I told him we'd be going to the beach later with Stephanie. Instantly, he broke down and had a fit. "I don't want to swim! I don't want to be in the water! I don't want to go to the beach!" over and over, he cried. For a long time. I wanted to strangle him after a while! (Not really, relax.)  Does this look like a kid who does not enjoy the beach? He cried all the way from the car to the water, and then before I even SAT DOWN at the top of the water's edge, he was running into the surf! Hello, liar liar pants on fire! He was laughing. He was running around, playing, scooping up water and sand, and basically having the time of his life. That poor baby.


Sophia mostly liked to dance around in the sand, fill up her pails, and make sand angels. She was frequently covered head-to-toe in it, and no sooner would we rinse her all off before she'd flop down and be covered again.


Chloë preferred to stay out of the water, although eventually she did start braving it when the surf kept taking her buckets away. At first she would just scream and let some stranger return her bucket to her, but more and more she would wait until the tide flowed back off the sand and then would run down, snatch it up, and high-tail it back up to safety.


Yeah. He looks terrified.


Look at the two of them! So brave. Near the end of our beach trip, Steph carried in one of them and I carried in the other, and we stayed in a while, jumping over the waves, splashing, and having a good time. Jack did NOT enjoy that; he sobbed and clung for dear life to whoever was holding him. Sophie loved it, though, and when I went back in later to rinse off, she followed me and came along for the ride!


The waves kept stealing our five buckets, and Jack was the only one brave enough to go run after them! Look at him puffing his chest out with pride. Okay, it always looks like that.


The kids and I were having fun filling our buckets with water from the surf and dumping them on each other. Felt SO good in the heat. Even Miss Chloë giggled when I threw water over her!


Tony and Brianna, Steph's nephew and niece.


Toothless McGee, having a blast.


Chloë's too chicken to sit down near the water with us! She did want to take a walk along the beach, though, so I let her. She went about 20 feet. That was enough for both of us, I think!


My three little bucket babies. These are the 'baskets' I gave them at Easter time. That was a good idea, even though we have scores of other beachware in the closet... somewhere!


Chrissy and the twins... er, um, her baby, Carolynn. You've seen Caro on this blog before; Stephanie has her all the time.


Brianna recovering from a wipe-out.


Brianna runs to fetch Chloë's bucket. Look at that hair! Hard to believe how short it was when she chopped it off two years ago today, above her shoulders!


Tony cheeses for the camera. See the lady in the black swimdress behind him, on the left? That's who was mostly fetching Chloë's bucket and helping her out of the water whenever the surf would get her. Nice lady!

So, all in all, we had a really good time. Rob was supposed to join us but got held up in a meeting at work and then found he'd left his lights on and killed his battery. So, we left.  We beat him home by about ten seconds, which was good, because I had a lot of sandy stuff for him to help carry inside! Mostly children...

Today. I haven't done diddly squat today, because I've had a migraine since 0400. Nothing fun, other than putting Jack and Sophia on the Starfall website to help them learn to read. They really enjoyed that. Jack is way more dexterous with the mouse than I expected him to be!

Shout out. Today, my father is 66 years old. It would be nice if I could get him on the line, but so far no luck. Happy birthday, Dad!