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Nothin' Worth Sayin'

Yeah. I don't have a whole heckuva lot to say right now. I woke up early (8:30 is early, y'all, after staying up past 2 am - I don't care what you say!), before any of the kids, and I spent the next hour trying to get back to sleep. So when they all came down shortly after that, I was pretty useless and not in the mood to jump up and go do all the chores and errands I'd had planned for today

I spent some time working on Chloë's paperwork and stuff for Girl Scout Camp on Sunday (wow! I can't believe it's almost time, and I'm so excited to see how she's going to do away from home for a week, especially right after our trip), and the kids and I played with the trains and the Webkinz and this and that down in the living room. We played a lot today, actually. And cuddled. Notice, whenever Mommy isn't up to going out, we "just" play and cuddle? Isn't that really what I'm supposed to be doing here, anyway? Hm, yeah. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about my day.

The kids were in the middle of eating lunch when Daddy came home very early from work! Yippee! I absolutely adore it when he comes home - period - but early is a fantastic icing on the cake.

Jack and Sophia were tired by that point, so they went down for naps. Rob took Chloë out to Dick's for an hour or so, to buy all her gear for camping, and I started working on Day 2 of the Europe trip on the other blog - if you read it, please comment! It took me three hours and I want some damn feedback.


That's probably not the nicest call for comments that I've ever seen in a blog. You either? My apologies.

Anyway, Chloë and Rob came home from their shopping trip after a spell, and she was sosososo excited to show me everything she bought: a mess kit, a water bottle, straps for her glasses, bug spray (she thought it was to spray on the bugs and was surprised to learn it goes on herself; glad I thought to tell her that!), and so forth. Her enthusiasm was contagious; I had a wonderful time watching her show me all her wares. We sat and got envelopes and stamps ready to mail letters home and to Grandma, and then she thought she'd sit right down then and there and write a letter to her step-Grandma D. Of course, immediately after, she had to run across the street to the mailbox to send it, her new favorite "chore."

That's about it. Chloë lay down for a nap, while Rob fetched a pizza for dinner. The kids drifted downstairs one by one for some dinner and snuggles, and we napped with them on the couch for a while.

Lazy, lazy day. And still, I can't get the pictures off my $%^&* camera, so hopefully after a good rebootin' that will resolve itself and I can show you some things tomorrow.


Already Falling Behind

Whoops, I'm a day behind already and we've only been back since Monday!

Wednesday was a busy one for me. We got up pretty early for us on a Wednesday morning (8:30 ish) and had breakfast. Afterward, since Barbara was coming, we had to do some cleaning up. Not a terrible amount, since Stephanie did an awesome job of keeping the place neat while we were gone, but we had gotten some toys out and had a lot to put away still from the trip. The kids were a great help. When they are in the mood to clean up, you can't beat them! When they are not in the mood, you want to! Hehe, kidding of course.

Barbara came while I was still downstairs in my nighty, picking things up, so we said our hellos and how-do-you-dos, and then I high-tailed it up into a shower. Oh, the cool water felt so good. I love a cold shower in the summer, especially after working up a sweat doing some cleaning or something. Do you? Am I the only one? My husband HATES them and will take the hottest shower possible, no matter how hot he already is.

So after my shower, I unpacked my suitcases and put them away, piddled around doing a few more things so she could clean in there, and left.  The kids love going for rides in the car, so I planned several errands for Barbara Day.

First stop: New glasses for Chloë! The day we left for Spain (hi, my trip is over and I'm still excited about it), I had taken her to For Eyes to pick them up. Well, guess what? They were the wrong effing prescription!  Someone had put minuses where there should have been plusses, and my girl said, "Uh, these are not the glasses I ordered. I can't see a thing!" What?! Sure enough, when the tech checked them, they were for near-sighted folks and not my extremely far-sighted little darling. So, anyway, they never called Stephanie in our absence, and she was still wearing the old-old glasses (the old glasses broke) of yore.

[I'd show you a really cute picture of her in her glasses, because I think they look just DARLING on her, but now I can't upload pictures to the computer from my camera at all. Freaking technology!! I finally get Typepad settled down, by switching to Firefox instead of IE once again, and now the computer doesn't recognize that there are pictures on my camera to upload. Thankfully the Europe ones worked, but now I have to settle that mess. Another pictureless blog for you, sorry!]

After that, we headed to the library, to bring back the last book before it was due the following day. I don't relish paying those kinds of fees at all. Well, any fees, come to think of it, but certainly not something totally avoidable. Anyway, I let Chloë out at the curb so she could put her book in the drop box, a new 'chore' she loves to do. I also recently started letting her cross the street by herself, to put out the outgoing mail, and I know she feels so grown up doing it!

Meanwhile, there are kids younger than her doing far more adventurous things on their own, but ours is a busy street, and what can I say? I don't like the idea of a squashed Chloë.

The babies started yammering about being hungry (always wanting to be fed, that lot), so before I knew what was happening, Vanna started turning away from the grocery store and toward our favorite Barbara Day locale: Panera. Oh, Panera, how I missed you during our fortnight away!  Lunch was good, very, very good, and the kids ate all their food. Love that!

A silly old goose of a lady stopped by our table and said, "Look at all your children! They're all yours? Did they all come at the same time?" I just smirked and said "no," but Chloë felt the need to be more informative: "I'm six and a half. I'm the oldest. He's five, and she's three. And he had a twin brother, but he died." The lady looked at me, made a face, shrugged, and walked away, saying, "How nice." I had to laugh, before I turned to Chloë and, yet again, explained that we don't need to tell Every. Single. Person. that we meet about Robby. "But why?" she asked. I blurted out, "Because it's none of their damn business!" And you know what? It's not.

But I know I'll be explaining that one for a while.

I had planned to go grocery shopping, to get a few things in the house that we needed and in preparation for Bunco, but Jack was rubbing his eyes at the table. His father called to check in, and when I asked him if he'd mind going to the store for me when he got home, because his son was tired and needed a nap, Jack snapped, "I'm NOT tired!!"

In the car, five minutes later, he was sound asleep and snoring his little sweet snore.

So we drove home, where I chided the kids as usual for walking on my freshly-cleaned carpet with their shoes on, and settled the kids down for naps. They all must have been tired, because I didn't hear a peep out of them. Zonk.

I would have liked to nap myself, but it was time to set up for Bunco! It took me about 15 minutes, but I finally lugged the big-ass treadmill out of the middle of the room, to the side by the back door. I opened the two new packages of card table and chairs, setting one up on the living room and the other in the office. I took all the booster seats off the kitchen chairs, and set out the Bunco dice, pencils, and bell. Ready! Now I just needed that food.

I was hoping people would be late as usual to Bunco, but every single person showed up right on time! Gah! I was still rushing around, making the vodka punch for Drunko Bunko, and putting out the dishes and forks and server-ware stuff, while the house was filling up with food. I have decided, since we're not leaving this area, at least we need to buy a bigger house so I can properly host Bunco. There just is not a lot of room here!

No? You don't think so? Well, at least I have managed to talk my husband into new carpets. Ours are SHOT. Maybe we'll go for wood floors, though. We'll see. And kitchen appliances are next on the list. Ours SUUUUCK.

Anyway, Bunco was a lot of fun. If you remember my blogging about hosting it last September, I was a nervous wreck!!  This time was so different. I didn't have time to stress about it, Barbara had cleaned the place up, and there was just one issue: the litter box. Ugh. It was full to bursting after two weeks away, and though I emptied it, the smell lingered on. Even my new Oust Air & Surface cleaner didn't take the stench away, dagnabbit, and I found out from Stephanie that they were talking about it during Bunco! Ahhhh! How embarassing. I sent out an email after Bunco, apologizing to everyone about it!

I had bought enough Bunco prizes in Europe for everyone to go away with something. Usually, there are seven prizes, to split amongst 12 people. I bought extras, a little from Spain, some from France, from Italy, from Greece, and from Croatia, so that each person would get something. They loved this idea! They all oohed and ahhed as I brought the items out of the bag where I'd hidden them, and when I asked 15 times if they liked the prizes, they all assured me that they did. Stephanie won top prize, so she picked out a coconut necklace from Nice and a leather-and-beads bracelet from Croatia. Looks great on her, with her coloring, too! (Yes, I actually bought something leather. I know!)

Oh. Drunko Bunko: Steph and I had made prior arrangements to get completely smashed and have her spend the night. I was buzzed early on, but I get red-faced and sweaty when I drink, so I decided to save my drinking for the private post-party.  Stephanie, not so much. She was HAMMERED. And hilarious. We were all laughing at her, and she was laughing at herself. (Now that you know she won first prize, you can see how little skill this game requires!) When everyone left, she insisted on pouring me some more punch. Spiked with the Limoncello from Sicily. Ahh, good stuff. I was toast shortly afterward.  I haven't been that way since I turned 21 ten years ago, and we had a good time, just laaaaughing and laaaaaughing and being silly and raunchy. Rob joined in on the party - not the drinking, just the funning - and the three of us giggled ourselves into oblivion. I have a few funny pictures, but again, I can't show them tonight!

Soon enough, we were passed out on our respective couches, and Rob went upstairs to bed. When he got up at 0400 for work, Steph woke up and texted him that the shower and my snoring were keeping her awake! So he ushered her upstairs to our bed, where she spent the rest of the night.

This morning, I woke up first, when Sophia and Jack got right in my face singing, "Good morning, Mommy, we're hungry!!" Chloë joined shortly afterward, and then Steph made her way down. We had a very unhealthy breakfast of Bunco leftovers, and then we sat at the new card table in the office and made a stickers-and-foam Christmas craft that my MIL had sent months ago (obviously) for project time. I have pictures of this, too, but alas...  We all helped, and it came together quickly. The kids did a really good job, even though Jack threw in the towel early to go play with cars.

After that it was lunch time, and I think I made five different things for lunch. But no matter. Everyone ate something healthy, and their bellies were filled. Time to go to the pool! We suited up the kids and sprayed them down with sunscreen, before getting ready ourselves. Of course, we neglected to use SPF on our own bodies, and that was our fatal mistake.

Man, after two weeks in the Mediterranean and no burn (and no sunscreen then, either, because I am apparently stupid), it was pretty annoying to get such a bad burn today after ONE HOUR at the pool on an overcast day!  Just goes to show you, you can never be too careful or sure where the sun is going to get you. But I am fried, and Steph got herself a nice sunburn, too, for the sixth time in her life. A couple of dumb bunnies we are!

Fortunately, the kids were unharmed. Sophie did get a little color, but Sophie always gets a little color. She tans, though - and yes, I know, even a tan is a sign of sun damage. But it's far better than a burn, especially on one so small.

Anyway, we came home, gave the kiddies a snack, and sent them down for much-needed naps. Again, they were quite worn out and didn't make a peep! Stephanie left then, and I tried a dozen times more to post on the European blog, with no success. But if you'll check, I have finished posting about Day One now, so go read!

Argh, I'm yawning my head off, so it's time to cut this pictureless saga short. Long? Not much happened the rest of the day, anyway, other than my getting the chills so bad that Rob had to lay on top of me to get me warm. I'm better now, and tomorrow is another day.


Two Big Things

I left two important things off last night's blog! After a good night's sleep on my beloved couch with my beloved stripey blanket, I remembered:

  1. Thank you to Stephanie for doing such an AWESOME JOB keeping us posted during our travels! Wasn't she great?! I loved logging on in the morning to see what they had all been up to the day before.  Thanks, Steph!!
  2. We are NOT MOVING anywhere, anytime soon, after all. We are staying put right here where we are! It's official, Rob will be stationed back in Norfolk, we're not selling our house, and Chloë is very happy about that. She burst into tears when I told her, saying, "Oh, thank you, thank you, this is the home for me! Can we live here forever until I grow up?"

So, back to trying to post pictures on the other blog, until all the kids are up and finished with their breakfasts. Then, it is clean-up time!


Woe Is Me

Not really. But I have started typing up Day 1 of the trip on the European Blog three times now, and each time I add the first picture, Typepad shuts down on me. It's annoying. It's aggravating. It's wholly irritating. I've decided to stop and do this one, which will be much shorter and picture-free. If it shuts down, I know that's it for the night.

Well, I don't know what you might have expected me from our first day back, but I expected a lot: all the unpacking done, all the straightening up and cleaning done in preparation for tomorrow's visit from Barbara and hosting Bunco, going to Sophia's 3-year check-up appointment, make all my phone calls, etc.

Hahahahaha! I did NONE of that.

Instead, I have taken no fewer than three sizeable naps, and I know Rob would have done the same if he had not had to work. He did come right home, wake me up, and go to sleep. Two can play! I checked email, woke him up, and told him I was going to lie back down, too.

Thankfully, the children were not at all in the go-go-go-let's-go kind of mood and sat around watching PBS Kids during my morning crash, napped long into the afternoon, and then watched some Noggin during our evening crash. Pitiful parenting, I know, but there is much to be said about jet-lag. It's simply unavoidable, I have decided. There was not a whole lot else I could have done. My body was six hours ahead all day long, and two days of flying, and twelve days of traveling, and... well, it just caught up with me.

So that was pretty much the whole day. Somewhere in there, I managed to cancel Sophia's appointment (out of tiredness, but I was later relieved to remember I wouldn't have been allowed on base anyway, seeing as I don't have a current ID card hello ROB), post the very first bitty European blog (check it out if you missed it, I'm starting, I'm starting the trip!), and... hm... go through all my emails.  All 900+ of them.

As Chloë would say, "That's it!"


Home Sweet Home

We're back! And elated to be here, too, with our babies. We got in at about 7 last night, a bit later than expected after sitting for two hours on the tarmac in NYC. No matter, we're intact, if a bit jet-lagged and exhausted. I've got lots to do now, but I'll be back here tonight reporting on our day, and I'll start reporting on the trip on the other blog, too!


The Babysitter Reports: The Picture Post

  Fireworks 1 Here are some pics.  Most if not all are self-explanatory (don't mind the ONE fireworks picture up there, it is not cooperating!)

Lunch & Making No Bake Cookies

July 6 001

July 6 003Bri, Sophia, Chloe, Ashley piled into the wagon.  Jack eventually got in there too!

July 6 008

I look HUGE...but Sophie looks cute.  She was scared of the fireworks.

July 6 021

Ashley and Chloe walked together both ways.  We played the "go to the ___" game both ways too!  They are only 7 months apart in age & are in the same grade. 

July 6 078 Fireworks 2 Fireworks 3 Fireworks 4 Finale

July 6 080


The Babysitter Reports: Day 13

Well after I blogged this morning we had a VERY lazy day.  I lounged around & did a lot of nothing.  Tim got up with the kids & gave them some cereal & pop tarts.  Then we sent them into their room to play so we could shower & snuggle.  Around 3, they started getting cranky (still in pjs & inside due to the storming) so I put Sophia on the couch to nap, Chloe in the guest bed to nap, and Jack in bed with Tim to nap.  (Tim was napping too!)  I used the quiet time to do a bit of housework & play online.  I've been MIA from Diaperswappers for a while now!  Around 5:30 I got the kidlets up & Tim started cooking dinner.  We are being extraordinarily lazy today, so dinner was tuna casserole for me & the kids & left over burgers for Tim.  Chloe woke up from her nap sick & ended up going back to bed during dinner.  She had a fever so I gave her some Motrin.  So far she's been able to eat some apple sauce.   I don't know what I'm going to give her next, but I'm going to let the apple sauce rest & her too.  Jack and Sophia helped me make 12 muffins from a ready-mix packet.  We just ate those for dinner & now those two are going to watch a movie on the couch with Tim.  I'll join them when I finish blogging.  We didn't get anything moved back to Rob & Mel's today, but oh well, I'll just have to make multiple trips tomorrow.

The Babysitter Reports: Days 9-13

Day 9: July 2

Well since I am WAY behind on blogging I'm going to just quickly summarize the last several days.  I can't even possibly try to imagine all the details.

I was feeling very icky & run down on this day.  I spent most of the day laying about reading, watching t.v. with the kids, or sitting on my computer.  The children spent a lot of time playing in their room or out back.  They have "figured out" playing outside & are actually enjoying it & asking to go out there.

Jack’s new thing is “My mommy does that….” Or “My daddy does this…”  it’s his little way of saying he misses Rob and Melanie.


Day 10: July 3


I did do a short blog for this day & really that summarized it pretty well.  With Jack being sick I didn't get much done.  I held him & Sophia a lot.  I talked to my Mom & Melanie about the best ways to manage his fever & to make him feel better.  He didn't want to eat any popsicles or drink any juice which made it harder, but I'm glad he's feeling better now. 


Day 11: July 4


We managed to have a pretty lazy day.  Tim was home from work, YAY, he gets NORMAL holidays now.  So, we had oatmeal for breakfast because I thought it would feel good to Jack.  I was right.  He enjoyed it, as did the girls.  That was kind of late in the morning.  The girls played outside, I did some housework but not much & we pretty much just relaxed.  Jack stayed horizontal most of the day until after 1:30ish.  We had soup for lunch & then it was time to start getting moving for the rest of our day.  Only, we didn't, we spend a lot of time laying about.  We finally ended up leaving the house around 5:30 to go to Rob and Melanie's.  Our first stop was Farm Fresh to pick up some things for dinner.  Then we went to Rob & Mel's to eat.  I did a load of laundry, took care of the animals (Tim found the rabbit food) and cooked dinner.  The kids laid down while I was doing all that.  Dinner was spaghetti #3, Alfredo sauce, and cubed chicken.  Jack didn't eat his, he had Apple Jacks for dinner.  After dinner we loaded up & headed to my sister's house.  We picked up her three big kids, Tony (11), Bri-Bri (9), and Ashley (7), and got back on the road.  We drove close to Mt. Trashmore for the fireworks & then walked the rest of the way.  We got there just about in time for the show.  I had packed fruit snacks & some toys to occupy the 6 kids.  We used the wagon to get there & back & that was GREAT!  Sophia was scared of the fireworks so I held her for some of the show & she laid under a blanket for some of it.  Jack was amused as were all the other kids.  Afterwards we walked back to the van & headed home.  It was after 11 when we got home.  We set up the couch bed & piled 5 out of 6 kids onto it for a snack.  (Sophia was already in bed.)  I gave them all juice and a couple No Bake cookies & let them watch some of the Pixar Shorts movies.  After midnight we all went to bed.  (The boys slept on the couch bed & all 4 girls slept in the guest room.) 


Day 12: July 5


The kids woke us up around 8:30 & we got up & started making breakfast.  We cooked 16 eggs (scrambled), 10 slices of toast & an entire box of pancake mix.  Tony helped in the kitchen while the little kids either played in the bedroom or watched t.v.  We set up the folding table out back & we all ate outside.  It was nice.  After breakfast, Jack laid down & most of the kids played outside.  We pretty much let them do what they wanted, play outside, t.v. or play in the bedroom.  Chloe & Sophia took naps at some point before lunch too.  Around 1:30 we prepared another gigantic meal.  10 grilled cheese & or grilled cheese & turkey sandwhiches, two cans of Tomato  soup (made with milk), 8 glasses of juice or tea, 7 disposable cups of goldfish, one sliced & chopped up apple, two cans of Peanut Butter, and a bag of marshmallows graced our table outside.  All the kids ate their fill.  After lunch we finished getting everyone showered & dressed & headed out.  Our first stop was to drop off my sister's kids and our second stop was Tim's parent's house.  Their A.C. unit was acting up & Tim needed to look at it, as well as today (July 6) is his mom's birthday so we were going to celebrate that.  We brought along catfish & tilapia & some fresh green beans.  When we got there Jack and Sophia were both asleep so I laid them on the couches for nap time.  Chloe got to color & amuse my MIL & SIL for a while.  After Jack and Sophia woke up all the kids watched some Noggin (I know a LOT of t.v. in one day!) and played with my MIL's 2 dogs. Tim and his sister cooked dinner (grilled chicken, tilapia, steamed green beans and brocolli with cheese, and a rice mixture with tomatoes in it)  There were 8 of us for dinner.  It was a long and slow process but all three kids did eat their dinner because they wanted some of Mrs. Peggy's birthday cookie & icecream.  During dessert we started Robots, but we didn't finish it because it was getting late.  All of the kids were too cute.  Jack went up and hugged Peggy & told her happy birthday.  Chloe actually snuggled with her on the couch & did her monologue for her.  (She's pretty good at it, even though I wasn't diligent in making her practice!)  Around 9:30 or 10 we packed up & left during a big storm.  Tim drove us home & we all went straight to bed once we got home.  (Which means Tim and I read for a couple hours & the kids were still up at 1:00 am!) 


Day 13: July 6


Well since the kids were up so late, they slept until 11 am!  I was SHOCKED!  Tim and I have been up since about 8, but when time to get ready for church came & the kids were sound asleep we decided to skip it.  They need their rest & I didn't want to make them cranky just to go to church.  Tim and I have been relaxing & having an easy morning (I finished Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks) and are getting ready to go get the kids their breakfast.  (They've been playing quietly in their room since about 11.)  We are going to start taking the kids' things home today.  Tomorrow I am going to get the house unpacked & clean so that Rob & Mel can relax when they get home.  This could be my last post!  It has been fun blogging for you all & Melanie!



The Babysitter Reports: Day 10

Just a preview: Jack got sick around noon.  His fever was 103.2.  His only complaint was a headache.  I gave him Tylenol.  At 1:00 his fever was 104.8.  I gave him Motrin, a bath, a popsicle, and some gatorade.  His fever dropped to around 101.  At 3:30 his fever started to go back up.  His fever was up to 103.5 by the time Tim got home with the Children's Motrin.  At 8:00 we left for the ER at Portsmouth per the recommendation of the On-Call Doctor.  We just got home at 11:45.  They said he had tonsillitis.  They also said he may get strep in the next couple days.  We are all tired, so more later.


The Babysitter Reports: Day 8

Ah, today was  a good day, but I'm beat.

Let's see the kids slept late/played quietly so I got to stay in bed until 9:20.  After I got up we had cereal for breakfast.  I checked e-mail and stuff while the kids ate.  After breakfast I picked out clothes for all the kids & myself & then got into the shower.  When I got out I put Jack and Sophia in.  After their bath it was Chloe's turn.  We were in a rush to get out of the house because we were going to go see "Horton Hears a Who."  We ended up leaving too late to go to Rob & Mel's before the movie, so I put our dinner stuff in the cooler.  We got to the movie about 2 minutes too late, but we didn't miss too much.  All three kids did really well in the movies.  We had popcorn and pizza.  I packed sippy cups with juice too.  After the movie we headed to Rob & Melanie's to put away my groceries and for a short nap.  Jack was asleep before we got home.  The girls never did fall asleep but they were quiet & resting which is fine.  While they slept, I cleaned Sophie's room.  I got all the stuffed animals (WOWZER-she has a LOT) into a pile & cleaned & vacuumed the rest of the room.  There is just a small pile of toys I need to sort.  Then I got the kids up & we headed out to help my sister run some errands.  We drove to where Chrissy was working, picked her up, drove to Food Lion, dropped Chrissy off, drove to her house, dropped off her toolbag, picked up my nephew Tony (11 yo), got her booster seat, installed it, switched Sophia to the fullback booster, drove to the babysitter's house, picked up Brianna (9 yo), and Carolynn (one year old on July 7!) (who rode in Sophia's car seat), drove to the Food Lion to pick up Chrissy, drove to her house to drop off the groceries, and then drove to the doctor's office for Brianna's medical appt.  Phew--that was a BUSY 2 hours!  We had to go in & wait for Bri because it was a short visit.  Everyone in the lobby thought all 4 kids were ADORABLE.  After we left there we took Chrissy & her kids home, switched Sophie back to her own car seat and headed back to Rob & Mel's.  We met Tim there & the kids got to watch some t.v. while I prepared dinner.  I was making "fried" chicken, steamed green beans, and Uncle Ben's chicken & veggie rice.  Tim took the van & Sophia to WaWa to get gas, milk, and cash (in case we had to pay to go swimming).  When he got back dinner was on the table.  Look at how pretty:

July 1 049

July 1 050

July 1 052

Jack was my slow eater tonight, but he did eat up all of his food.

July 1 053

July 1 054

After dinner the kids & Tim got ready for the pool, while I made strawberry shortcake.  I also did a load of towels that we had dirtied while we were at the house.  We FINALLY headed to the pool around 7:45.  It was a bit chilly outside (about 85*) but the water was nice.  We had AWESOME MAJOR GIGANTIC improvements tonight! 

Chloe who has been SO scared of the water, swam the entire width of the pool, UNDERWATER!  She did this all by herself, with no coaxing, although I did "help" by cheering her on.  She'd go about 18 inches & then stand up & breathe & then swim some more & then stand up & breathe.  I am SO proud of her! 

Jack got into the big pool ON HIS OWN and got his face wet/put it under the water!  I fixed the bathtub really deep this morning & he was putting his head under in their & he tried it in the big pool too.  He never left the steps tonight, but he had fun & I didn't feel like pushing him. 

Sophia SWAM underwater & glided between Tim and I.  She also pushed off of the wall & glided to Tim & I on her own.  She LOVES to go under the water, in the deep end, touch the bottom & push up to the top.  She also likes to be thrown (but don't let go of her fingers) into the air & then drop down & then kick her way up.  She's so muscley that she can swim pretty well.  She also floated on her belly & kicked across the entire pool. 

July 1 055

I was thrilled with the improvements.  Just before 9 the lifeguards got everyone out.  Tim and I spent a while looking for my pool toys & then we headed home.  At home we had our strawberry shortcakes & then Tim went to our house.  I got the kids into the tub (while I folded towels) and then got them started cleaning Jack & Chloe's room.  I took a shower while they cleaned & then when I got dressed (around 10:00) I helped them finish in there.  Jack and Chloe have a larger pile of toys/books that needs sorted, but I was able to get most of the room vacuumed.  After that we loaded up & headed back to my house.  Jack and Sophia were asleep in the car.  I carried Sophie in & put her to bed.  Chloe was right behind her.  Jack is in bed in my room with Tim, but I'll move him when I am done blogging. 

July 1 057

July 1 061

July 1 063

That was our day!


The Babysitter Reports: Day 7 Part 2

Well when Tim got home I had dinner just about ready to go on the table, like a good wifey.  The cat fish turned out OK.  It had a LOT of breading on it, next time I'll skip the second breading.  Jack and Sophia gobbled their dinner up, (Potatoes, canned green beans and catfish) but Chloe was being picky.  After dinner I got all the kids dressed in clean clothes (we were skuzzy by then) and we headed to City Park to go to the playground.  We only got to play for about 30 minutes but still it was fun & running around.  It was also a chance for me to take some pictures.  After the park we came home, had dessert (pudding--chocolate caramel chip & cheesecake), and then we tried something new.  I had a ton of laundry to fold from my day of cleaning & Tim was ready for bed.  So, I piled the kids into bed with Tim & turned on "The Secret of NIMH" while I folded laundry & Tim went to bed.  This was an excellent way to get everyone to bed.  By the time I got the laundry done, Tim was asleep.  As I did laundry & found my diapers & the kids' pajamas I got them ready for bed.  So, after I put all the clothes/towels away, I crawled into bed too, and held Sophia.  She fell asleep in about 5 minutes.  Then I carried her to bed & held Jack.  He fell asleep just after the movie ended.  Then I took Chloe to bed.  She fell asleep within a half hour.  It was GREAT! 

Now for the pictures:

Here are a few from the day we grilled burgers, Sunday I think.

July 1 001

July 1 002

Isn't he handsome?  I just love him!  Jack did NOT like hamburgers.  I just remembered that.

July 1 005

OK, here are some pictures from Monday.

This is just after we came in from outside.  Jack had sprayed Sophie so she was undressed from that.

July 1 006

July 1 010

July 1 013

Oh, a thought just occured to me.  Sophia and Chloe have a lot of clothes in the same size.  Chloe can fi into size 3 t-shirts still.  SO, I have a hard time telling which clothes belong to which girl, Chloe is pretty good at telling me, but some things they can both wear.  Like this black halter top.  It looks good on them both.  Hee hee.  I had Sophia wear it one day & then Chloe the next.  She was like, "I thought that was Sophie's?! " Yep, now its yours!  Anyway, I LOVE dressing children.  It's like a wierd pleasure for me.  I thoroughly enjoy picking out the day's clothes each morning.  (and that is why we often change clothes from "around the house" to "going out") 

OK, here are the park pictures.

Jack seriously spent the first 5-10 minutes RUNNING around the park at full speed just looking at everything.  The park is huge.  There are 3 separate play areas.  You can see the "Rock Wall" behind Jack in this picture.

July 1 022

July 1 023 This is Sophia's "I did it, Stephanie!" She had to climb this rope ladder to get up to that slide & she did it OVER and OVER.  It was hard to catch a decent picture of because she barely stopped moving.

I said, Jack let me take your picture--this is what I got!

July 1 038

I think Chloe was a little overwhelmed.

July 1 046

Can you see the dragon?  This is part of why I love this playground.  It doesn't just have fun stuff it has GREAT details like this one.  This is the edge of the part where that slide is.  Isn't it cool?

July 1 047