Call Me Crazy, But...
Funny Buddies

There She Goes

Today's highlight was the drive up to Williamsburg to bring Chloë to her Girl Scouts camp. Rob had to stand watch, so I enlisted Stephanie's help to get her set up there. I'm glad I did! I would have had a hard time getting everything taken care of on my own. Afterward, I called up Rob and insisted that he come with me on Friday to help pick her up and get her squared away! Thankfully, he agreed.

100_7764 Chloë waiting in the van for Stephanie to be dropped off, so we could head up to Williamsburg!

100_7765 Um, drinking out of the sippy cup before I took off the lid, Chlo sits and waits for her turn to have her head examined. Seriously, they checked everyone's hair for nits and took their temperatures. She passed. Whew.

100_7766 Steph took the suitcase from me as I struggled to pull it over the rocks, on our way to finding Chloë's unit. I huffed and puffed all the way there, but I made it, damn it.

100_7767 Everyone stop and look at Mommy!! It was a really nice day in the woods, though very hot (about 95, according to my van).

While Chloë and I put on the sheets, and the counselor talked my ear off, Steph got busy putting up the poles for the mosquito netting we bought at check-in. See Chloë too-huge shirt? She got a free camp shirt for being one of the first 50 camp registrants! She'll probably wear it as a nightgown.


Chloë puts on her bug spray as Stephanie and Pixel, one of the counselors, watch.

100_7770 Sophia and Jack, who take after my red-faced sweaty tendencies, haul around a gigantic branch as we leave.

100_7771 Chlo has already made a friend, Bailey, who IS the same age as she is, believe it or not!  I'm glad; none of the girls from her troop were coming to camp.

She seemed excited and happy to be at camp, and none too worried when she said good-bye to us. In contrast, I have worried about her all evening, wondering what she's doing now, if she's afraid sleeping in the woods, if she's comfortable, if she had enough for dinner, if she took a good shower and brushed her teeth, if, if, if.

I think she'll be okay. As for me... is it Friday yet??