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Silly Sophia

Tutu Excited!


There it goes...


Rob's car getting shipped off to the junkyard. Buh-bye!


Sophia goofing around with her father yesterday. Looks like she has a mullet!



After school, Steph came over because we were supposed to go to the beach or the pool, but the thunder and lightning kept us home. Here's she is snuggling with my Sophie-poo. Doesn't she look so cute with those big eyes?



Jack was a cuddly boy today, too. He just loves to be tickled, and Steph was providing plenty of that!



Isn't she ADORABLE?!!! I'm going to start making tutus to sell (anyone wanna buy one?!) and couldn't wait for my online order, so we ran to Joann's after Jack got home from school. Steph helped me make this one before dinner tonight.


I love the way they turned out. And I think she is cute as a button in it!


I think Little Miss stretching to reach the doorknob is freaking adorable!


After dinner I made Chloë.s Hers is red and white; Sophie's is pink and ivory. I've got a lot more colors coming!


Of course, she had to do her usual posing, preening and prancing!

So, I'm really excited about this next endeavor - it's kept me awake the past two nights. Hopefully now that I have two out of my system I'll get some sleep tonight.


So, out of the blue today I was informed that my blog is "the most vapid, insipid thing [I] have read in a long time."

Wow! Suckerpunch!

I laughed, of course. So let's get this straight, oh readers of mine. This blog is not meant to be the next great American novel. It's merely a daily drudge report to keep our far-flung family and friends informed about what we're up to way out here by ourselves.

Now, anyone else want to take potshots?

Go for it.