Candy Girl
Damn Camnesia!!

Water, Water, Everywhere...


We did, after all, remember the pancakes. Well, I did. I woke up the first out of anyone this morning, and the kids all came running down the stairs soon afterward. They were hungry, and Rob wanted to make them pancakes, so I had them climb on top of him to wake him up and feed them. While he did, I fell back asleep on the couch. Oh, what a productive morning for me!

100_7785 100_7786
Rob took these pictures of the kids enjoying their breakfasts...

I keep looking at  my European notes, expecting there to be  something about my day.  I should take notes  all the time - it helped infinitely in writing that blog!

When I woke from my nap, I was hotter than ever. The AC was working yesterday, miraculously enough, but it went back out again today. Suffering succotash!  Rob was on the phone half the day, trying to find someone to come out and fix it.

In the meantime, Chloë and I went upstairs, I took a cold shower, and we put away all the laundry that I'd folded last night while watching Charlie Wilson's War and two episodes of Californication.  It was a mountain of clothes. Chlo is such a big help. We got almost everything put away! Of course, there are another two loads in the machine... but that will wait until tomorrow. I started to put away my own clothes, but it was just too hot, and I retreated downstairs.

I started to vacuum, but I was stumped by the living room full of kiddie toys. So I sat down to finish making the dress for Stephanie's niece instead. It took a lot longer than expected, but I'm almost done now. Just a last few finishing touches. It's all right, but not perfect. I might make a few changes. We'll see.

I'll show pictures tomorrow. Here, just one last one of Sophia's giant clowning face: