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WFMW: Helping Others


Now, I know this post is going to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but really, I don't normally like to discuss such things. It goes against the spirit of altruism, after all. But is anything really, truly altruistic if you derive pleasure from doing it?

Anyway, I'm posting it because I couldn't think of something else!

What works for me, mentally and emotionally, is to give of myself where I can. We all do this in some degree, in "normal" places, I would hope. Like, if someone drops a bag of groceries in the parking lot, we may run over and scramble to pick things up before they get squashed. Stuff like that, we all do, right?

That's giving of yourself. And it makes you feel good. Other things I do that make me feel good, are:

- I run my charity, CARE Package, Inc. My husband and I devote our resources, and I donate many hours of my time and also my skills, to making  layettes for these sweet little angel babies.

- I give blood as often as I can. It doesn't cost me a cent and only takes about an hour of my time every other month. And honestly, it really doesn't hurt. Plus there are the free cookies.

- Twice now, I have grown out and donated my hair to Locks of Love, and I'm on the verge of deciding to grow it out a third time. Again, it costs nothing and is completely painless. Why not give of yourself in this way?

I had a mental list of about five items total, but of course now the other two escape me since I didn't write them down. Rats! But please, if you can think of other easy, painless and low-cost or free ways to give of yourself, post them in the comments!

It really, truly does make me feel better, and that works for me.