The Opposite Of Congress
Chloë's Defunct Birthday Party

A Most Unusual Occurrence

Today, I did something completely, radically weird for me since becoming a mother. (Have you noticed I delineate my life like that? Pre- and post-motherhood? Am I alone?)

I got up before the sun this morning and took a shower.

Hold your applause.

Rob woke me up to say goodbye, and my stomach kept me awake, so I thought I might as well get it over with.

After my shower, I woke up the Bobbsey Twins for school, which really did not please them today. Whiny McCrankertons, they were! We all got dressed and went downstairs to finish getting ready. Jack actually ate breakfast! I just put it in front of him, ignored him (he does not like to be watched while he eats), and the next thing I knew, he was slurping milk from his empty bowl.

Think we'll do that from now on.

I waited for Miss Sophie to wake up, and then we went for a breakfast shop to Panera. I'd had three such shops, but I canceled two due to lake of awakiness. So I was patting myself on the back for actually making this one.

Little did I know, I was required to buy an egg sandwich and something off the espresso menu.

If you know anything about me, it might be that I don't eat eggs (except in usually-chocolate baked goods, because I am nothing if not a hypocrite), and I don't drink coffee products. Bwahahaha, joke's on me!!

So I figured on just feeding the egg sandwich to Sophia, who generally eats anything, and tasting a little bit of the caramel latte I chose. Ha. She wouldn't touch the sandwich, and there's nothing more I hate than waste, so I ate the thing!! Rob was in shock when I told him. It wasn't even gag-inducing. I would do it again. I could probably really use the protein, anyway.

And omg, the latte. It was freaking huge, with as much whipped cream on top as there was coffee in the bowl mug. Soap's eyes went huge and round when she saw it; I had to laugh. So I retrieved a spoon and let her go to town on it. Oh, how I wish I'd had a camera for that spectacle. She gulped and gulped, and her whole face showed it. Hilarious.

Not as funny as when she reached the coffee portion, though, and the expression on her face abruptly changed from one of pleasure to one of disgust. Poor kiddo! What a shock!

Come to find out, I actually enjoyed the thing. It was really good! Probably heavily calorie-laden, but I'm certainly not going to make a habit of it.

Anyway, so I let her go to the bakery and pick out a muffin and a danish for her own breakfast, and we took it home.

But not before stopping at Michael's to return all of the stuff I bought for Chloë's now-canceled birthday party. (No one is coming.) That took forever, so we wandered the store while they went through all the items. I bought a new scrapbook for my 2008 pages, a bunch of cute stickers for super-cheap, and a card-making guide.

We returned home to await Jack's return, and then the Littles played in the living room while I made some cards! They're really simple, cute, but kind of lame, I think. I listed them on my Etsy shop today. They're not selling any slower than anything else I'm making, at least! ☺

When Chloë came home from school, she saw the cards and went nuts over them. I figure if they don't sell (and they won't), she can use them to write notes to people herself.

I did a little knitting, but for some reason, seeing all that yarn on the wall doesn't have me inspired to pick up the hooks and needles. I think I'm just antsy waiting for my new table to come!

Oh, and I cut a couple of inches of Chloë's hair today. I could see that it was badly knotted, and when I brushed it all out, the ends were completely fried. Oh yeah, I took some pictures of her huge hair:


Can you see how tiny the little Barbie-doll figure is behind that giant bush of hair?!




One of the Supremes?


After her bath, all stretched down to her bum. That last inch or so was taken off, so it's still really long, just... healthier.

Anyway, this has been a long, boring, rambling post, so good on you if you were able to make it all the way through it!