Jiminy Christmas!

ABBA Cadabra

Day 34 of serious tummy upset...

So, I didn't do much other than lie down again today. I'm sorry, I had plans, I wanted to do things with the kids, but I was just completely wiped out. Rob, too, but he had to be wiped at work.

This morning, someone from Craigslist came over and gave me $45 for some of our Little People set. Hopefully I can sell the rest and get some more cash toward the Escalade. She was really nice, too; I'm hoping to hear from her again. She has twin boys - and two other kids - and told me she read about CARE Package from my emails. She hopes to help out in some way.

This evening, after I showered, and Rob was home, and Stephanie was here to babysit, the lady came to pick up the recamier. Only, she brought me a check for the full $300 because it was a day later than she meant to pick it up and for the 'inconvenience' of making me go to the bank with her check. Well, okay, fine by me! It cost me four minutes of time to do that, for $15. I'll take it.

The office looks completely different without it. Messy, but much bigger and more open. I'm imagining the possibilities. I can't wait to get it fixed up to be a full service craft room. Fun, fun.

Tonight, we had a date, The Bob and I. Stephanie came over, and the kids were so excited to see her. As was the dog. I guess it had been a while since she was here. We'll need to make plans to get together soon. Steph, you're invited anytime, you know that, dear! Rob has to work tomorrow night or I'd have suggested something.

Anyway, so we went to see Mamma Mia. "Total chick flick," in Rob's words. He gave it a 2.5, I gave it a 4.5. Pierce Brosnan definitely can not sing, but he's still handsome, so who cares? I loved Meryl Streep's acting in it. Some parts were iffy, but it was a fun  movie, and it made me laugh and cry. I'd watch it again if it were on TV or something.  Steph and Tim and Rob all I agree that I should have taken Stephanie with me!

It was eight bucks for the night, since we had no dinner beforehand, used that $20 AMC giftcard I won in the movie prize pack a couple months ago, and paid Stephanie in peek-a-blocks! Very budget friendly.☺

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get to the thrift store to find some sort of crafting/sewing table. Eek, I can't wait! Steph, wanna come with me?