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An Open Letter To My Husband

You are the reason for my happiness.

Before I met you, I could not fathom ever feeling happy again. I tried to find it, in too many places and many different ways, and failed. But because of you, I know true joy in life.

The instant I read your first email to me, I knew you were The One. I knew I was going to marry you. I knew you were going to be my life, my heart, my everything.

It has not been an easy road that we've traveled together. We've already seen the sickness and health, the better or worse, the richer (not so much!) and the poorer. But through it all, you remain steadfast and true, honorable, and loving. We are a good team. I'm sure there will be many more bumps in the road for us, but I know that you will be there through thick and thin, never wavering.

You give and give of yourself, and you rarely take in return. It is so hard to get you to accept some token of my love and appreciation, and yet I want to shower you with them every chance I get. You deserve more. You deserve better. And yet you do nothing but make me feel as though I deserve you.

It's in the small things and the big things. The way you work a full day, a full week and more, and still come home and make dinner, put the kids to bed, and do the dishes - without complaint. The way you rub lotion on my feet just because I asked you. The way you fetch my pills and a drink at night, maybe because you know I'll be a looney-tunes without them? The way you work so hard to keep this house in running, working order. The way you willingly accept my demands about certain things, like no guns in the house, or what you're allowed - allowed! - to drive, or bringing "garbage" home to be recycled, or taking a bag with you to the store (even though it may be floral!), or going outside to sharpen your knives because it hurts my ears.

But mostly, it's the way you make me laugh. Whether you're poking fun at some ridiculous thing I've said or making a terrible pun, you keep me in hysterics. Not an easy feat! You know exactly what makes me laugh, and you go there every time. The happiest I can be is when we're sitting and talking into the night, both of us wearing enormous, cheesy grins on our face because we're just so damn fond of each other.

I love your mind. I love your goofy smile. I love your body. I love your heart. I love you. Happy 36th birthday, baby.