She Kills Me
The Lamest Weekend Ever Continues...

...But Who's Counting?

It's been a lazy birthday weekend so far. We did naught.

I stayed up until about 2:30 AM Friday night, working in my new craft room! I was finishing up my 2007 scrapbook, finally.

Apparently the children are getting used to waking up early, because they arose before 0700 and woke me up, wanting some breakfast. Argh! Sleep, children! It's Saturday, for Pete's sake!

So I got up, fed the three of them, and sent them to clean up and try and find Chloë's missing cupful of caterpillars - yes, seven-year-olds are as irresponsible as six-year-olds, who knew? - while I went back to work on my scrapbook. And I finished it!

The kids went upstairs to jump in the bed and say happy birthday to Daddy, and he came down grumpy and groaning about being woken up.  But he quickly chippered up enough to help me try and put the fat pages of my scrapbook together.

It wouldn't go. He kept asking Jack to be quiet while we worked on squeezing that thing together. No dice.

So, on his own birthday, that wonderful husband went to Michael's for me to get some extra posts for the book, and to Panera next door for our lunch.  I had another MyPoints gift card to use there!

He brought home the bounty, and after we ate, we fought with my scrapbook some more. More silence demanded of the noisy son.  We had to use actual tools to hold the flood of pages back from the screws. It was pretty funny. When we finally got the last post screwed together, we cheered!

Ah, simple pleasures.

I took a nap after that. I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Rob put the kids down and lay next to me on the couch. We napped as a family.

I woke up no fewer than six hours later! Oops. Too late to shower and go grocery shopping. And we didn't have enough eggs to make Rob's cake, so... we'll have to do that tomorrow.

For his birthday, he received (ahead of time) a new iPod, some pizza for dinner, and I rented the Bob Dylan biopic from Netflix for him to watch. That's about it. Oh, and he got a bunch of cards in the mail from both our families.

He seems happy with that. So, I am too.