Open Up, Enter In
Stomach Bug Redeux

Co-Ed Naked Olympic Water Balloon Throwing

I nearly forgot it was not still the weekend when my alarm went off this morning. I kept hitting the button, until it finally dawned on me that this was Monday and I needed to wake the children. But, they got off to the bus on time, and all was well. Actually, when I went into their room, Jack was downstairs watching TV already!

Sophie was still konked out, so I watched the Today show coverage from Beijing for an hour while I finished knitting another dishcloth. It's pretty cool. I'll show pictures when I finish the set of three for Etsy.

She continued to sleep, and by 9 I was nodding off, so I re-set my alarm and took a morning nap. I had to get up at 10, and she was awake by then, so it was time to start our day in earnest. I showered, got us dressed, fed, and out the door.

I had to go see my prescribing shrink about my bipolar meds. Last month, my doses were increased because I was having weird withdrawal-like side-effects even though I wasn't missing my dose. Everything's fine, so we decided to stay there. Normally, this guy is a complete ass about my having my children there, but this time and last he was actually kind of nice to Sophie. He even smiled at her sweet, intelligent little chatter today. She makes amusing, interesting statements all day long, and I imagine he could not help but be charmed by her, as I am.

We got home just before Jack did. I was nervous about the timing, but it worked out. Next time, I won't schedule the appointment so close.


Nice, right? You can laugh! I made these after the boy-child's triumphant return from school. These wings are harder to make than I imagined they would be! It's because I bought the wrong guage wire, thinking higher number would mean thicker. I should have known. I'll have to take the remaining wire back to Michael's and exchange it for something else, or all our birthday party wings will be wonky and crappy looking! Sophia and Jack both liked these, though, and clamored to wear them. I still need to decorate them and make the elastic harness to wear them before they can do so. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


While the wings dried - and the fumes aired out - I filled dozens of balloons for the children to throw.



Sophie's got quite an arm on her!



As usual, Jack's favorite targets were my car and his (Chloë's former Barbie) trike. He didn't want me to throw any at him, so I kept doing it just to make him holler. Heh heh. Hey, I never claimed to be the nicest mother in the world!



Sophie whimpering because Jack grabbed the last balloon in the basket away from her. Aw, there, there, sweetie - we'll just have to fill more!

And so we did.

After a few rounds, we had to go in and dry off. I had a woman coming over from Craigslist to look at our recamier. We bought it five years ago for $400. She arrived, looked it over carefully, felt it up and down, and proclaimed it to be perfect. She offered me $285 for it, and I readily accepted!! I was hoping for anything over $200. Not a bad deal. Now I can use that money to spiff up the office, which is quickly becoming a craft room. I'm going to miss that gorgeous fainting couch, and so will everyone else, but we need the space now for other things.

It's all about change, looking forward, not looking back right now!

I did a little knitting after that, while the Littles settled down and watched some Noggin. I love watching the two of them, lying next to each other on the floor, both with their left thumbs in their mouths and their rights twiddling their fair hair. It's not the greatest thing to do, encouraging crooked teeth and knotty hair, but it's still sweet to see.



Not so much, this! Sophia tackled Jack after he took a toy away from her. This happens ALL the time. It's pretty funny, though. And yes, she IS wearing the cut-off pantyhose from the wings! Silly girl.

Back to the Olympics. Nastia was short-changed, man.