Feeling Pangs Of Sadness
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Don't Count Your Chickens...

So we're not done with that stomach bug, apparently.

Considering Chloë pooped her pants at school, didn't feel like sharing that with anyone and sat in it for the rest of the day. EW! She told me about it when she got home, and I kind of flipped and told her how gross that was. She cried, I felt bad, but damn. Do NOT sit in messy, gooey poo at the age of 7 years old, girl! I sent her upstairs to shower, and then we hugged and talked about it calmy when she came back down.  Poor thing. I know her stomach was upset, but I just wish she'd gone right to the nurse so I could come and get her, or at least bring her some clean clothes!

And then Sophia pooped in her undies tonight, again with the liquid upset-tummy poo. I put her in a diaper after cleaning her up. No sense having a repeat performance.

My poor kids! They haven't been complaining, really, though. So it must not hurt them like it was killing me the other day. At least there's that.

We had a semi-busy day. Nothing in the morning, but when Jack got home, we went out  to Goodwill to see what I could find in the way of a craft table, or the two kitchen chairs I needed, or maybe a nice sweater to unravel for the wool, or anything, really. I found nothing. Jack and Sophie had a good time with all the toys until I made them leave them behind. I just don't like the idea of used toys from someone I don't know.

On the way out, I spotted the PERFECT table, exactly what I wanted. It was already sold, though. I even offered to give her MORE for it, but she wouldn't take it. Hehe.

So we went to Hancock's after that, because they had a craft table on sale in the ad. I found a different one there, with drawers in it, but they didn't have it in stock (just the display one). So again, we left empty-handed.

Oh, I lie, I found a shot glass rack at the thrift store. I'll use that to display my growing collection. ☺

We headed home after that, because Chloë was going to be back from school, but stopped at Subway for some take-home lunch.  Jack was again in a crybaby, whiny mood because he didn't get a car at the store (he thinks every time someone goes to the store, he gets a car), so I told him IF he took a good nap, actually lay down and went to SLEEP for once, instead of running around and playing the whole time, I would buy him a Hot Wheels car at Target when we went after he woke up. He agreed.

It worked! He slept and slept and was a total joy after he woke up. I know that's what his problem is lately. I just can't get him to actually sleep. I hate to bribe him every time, but man, he really needs his extra rest, since he doesn't go right to sleep on weeknights and that school wake-up comes too early for him. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'll have to figure something else out.

So after naps, we went to Tar-zhay. I wanted to look at their office storage supplies, see what they had for my new crafty room. I found nothing, again. But I did get Jack's car, and some waterproof mattress covers for each of the kids' beds (must have those, future parents!), and some milk crates from the laundry area for displaying/storing my yarn and stuff. Oh, and some Choxie. I have to get a little Choxie every time I go to Target, which is maybe twice a year.

Back at home, I gave the kids some dinner (they requested Easy Mac; could they have made it ANY easier on me? I don't think so) and cleaned up a little. Then they went down in the living room to play while I got started on the office. Someone came from freecycle to pick up the cool wooden trunk we got in Panama City (FL, not Panama!) but don't use, and my old filing cabinet. I vacuumed up and cleaned out all the crap (and there was tons) from behind the trunk and the recamier. (I keep saying 'recamier' just for you, E.)  Tie-wrapped together my new crates for the yarn....

And then Rob came in, chagrined that I hadn't put the kids down for bed yet. Oops. I lost track of time, between all that and my monthly crochet-a-thon thing happening tonight. And that's where I'll be tonight, until I win my first prize of the year, dangit!

So. Have a good weekend. I plan to get a swim in, by George!