Chloë's Defunct Birthday Party
Sleepy Mama

It's Here! It's Here!!


First things first.

Chloë came home today, after her Vice-Principal left me a message saying they were not allowed to pull teeth, with her lower front tooth hanging on by a mere whisper. It hurt, she didn't want to touch it, but couldn't I please do something about it?

"Here, let me have a look," I said. I looked. With my hands. I gave a little twist and boop! Out it came into my handy little hand.



There it is! She didn't squeal or anything. See the pointy part? That was what was hurting her; her gums were bleeding and looked torn. But after it was out, she felt nothing but relief.


You can scarcely see where the baby tooth was, because the adult tooth was already half-grown in behind it! So it doesn't look to bad, not too bad at all. She feels proud. She feels excited. She feels grown. And she is!

The tooth fairy hasn't yet visited. I'm trying to make Rob go up and leave her a buck now...


She was all too excited to put it in the bag she labeled, "Tooth Fairy, this is for you," today at the nurse! She would have none of the idea of making something a little nicer. No. This was the bag.

So that was our big excitement for the day.

I napped after that. The Littles were down, Chloë was happily at work on her homework, and I have a cold, so I napped. A good, long one.

And I finished the third of a set of dishcloths for my Etsy shop:


Nice and strong and scrubby and durable, they are.

And then I talked to my gran'pappy. He was in the hospital for 20 days. There were a lot of problems. He ended up having to have some surgery to repair a wire or something in his defibrillator, so they opened up his chest. And put an umbrella stent in his groin, because he has blod clots in both legs. And his blood sugar and pressure were up. And the hospital lost his glasses - that was his biggest complaint! My biggest complaint is that I lost my Grandpa. He was moved to a different hospital, and no one would tell me, and I couldn't reach him. I hate that. He's my grandpa, dammit, and I want to know where he is at all times!

Anyway. He's home now and very happy about it. Sounds good, doing fine. At 82 years young, all he's worried about right now is getting back behind the wheel of his grandmobile.

So, more excitement! My craft table arrived today, more than a week ahead of my expectations!


Rob and I put it together after the big kids were in bed. In other words, he did all the nailin' and screwin' (heh heh), and I sat there and gave him directions. Sounds about right. ;)


Sophia finally woke up from her nap, at 9 PM. She must be growing or something. She's off her feed and sleep schedule. But she was in good spirits, being carried down and snuggled by her daddykins.


Tinkerbell also played a major role in supervising the construction around her.


"Hey! What's all that banging up there?"


Sophia flipped through workbook while the desk was being made. She didn't want to be too far from all the activity. She was an integral part of the process. Who else would have kept asking, "Is it done yet? Is it done yet? NOW??"


Yes, Sophia, now. It's done.


Here it is, with the sewing machine and Cricut on top, waiting for crafty action!!


Fabric on the top shelf, tulle on the bottom and middle shelves, along with the elastic waistbands. The ribbons in the middle will go on the wall rack when it comes. And my shipping stuff will stay hidden below.

100_8334  All of my sewing notions in the door. A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

Ahhhhh. I can't wait to get crafting. Maybe tomorrow, but we have several outings planned... Soon, though!