Baby Fever: Alive and Well
ABBA Cadabra

Jiminy Christmas!

In the (almost) seven years that I have been a mother, I don't think I have ever looked forward to bedtime as much as I am right now.

It's past bedtime, but that's beside the point. They're still up. They're getting ready, but they're up.


1. Jack has been supremely whiny today. And crybaby. His cries and whines are piercing to the ears.  And he has been shouting and yelling. He is fighting nonstop with his sisters, especially Sophia. He is the loudest mofo you will ever meet in such a little, tiny package! I want to put my head through the wall tonight. Seriously.

2. I'm feeling quite a bit better, but not 100%. Rob has it, and Chloë ate a good dinner and then immediately yakked it up all over the kitchen. It's high time we kicked this bug to the curb. At least, since all three of my children have vomited and only one of them is prone to it at all, we know that's what it was.

3. I didn't nap. I've gotten used to my naps.

4. Barbara came today, and from the time Jack and Rob came home (almost simultaneously) until we had to be home for Chloë's arrival from school, we ran and ran and ran.

    a. First stop, the Post Office, to return Rob's iPod. He broke it, and I'm having it fixed for his birthday. I also had to mail out the last sample of Soap Nuts.

    b. Then we had to run home again, because I forgot to tell Barbara not to clean our shower (the leak), or warn her about the big pile of Sophia puke that we have been unable to fully get out of the carpet. Right next to me. Where my foot keeps wanting to go. {ahem}

    c. Panera!! I haven't been since we first came back from Europe, and since it was a Babs day, well. We just had to go, didn't we? Rob didn't eat at all, and Jack barely ate, so it was a pretty inexpensive visit, all things considered. We had to stop twice to rush Sophie to the bathroom to puke, but she never did. Hope she doesn't do it in her bed tonight.

    d. Toys R Us, to check out Power Wheels toys for Jack's big Christmas present. He asks about 400 times a day for a truck to drive around, and another 400 times he asks how many days until Christmas. I thought he'd pick the motorcycle, or the 4-wheeler, but he chose the Cadillac Escalade. We could scarcely coax him out of it when it was time ot leave! There was much ado. The girls won't nearly have as big of presents - we're severely cutting back this year - as we'll really have to save up for this one. But, that's why I'm selling older toys. If you find a good deal on the 'lade, please do let me know!

    e. Avenue, the 'fat lady' store. A friend on one of my message boards posted a coupon for $10 jeans from there! So I went and picked out a 'halfway there pair,' for when I'm halfway to my goal weight after having surgery.They're pretty nice, too. For ten bucks; can't beat that.

    f. Walgreen's, to drop off my prescriptions. And, oh shoot, I completely forgot about picking them up. Guess I know where I'm going after this!

    g. Farm Fresh (our neighborhood grocery store), to pick up milk, and a couple other staples.

We didn't have any milk for cereal this morning, and the kids won't eat anything else in the short time they have available before leaving for the bus. So I gave Jack a dollar and told the kids to eat breakfast at school (Chloë has a lunch money account for that). Well, both Jack and Chloë - whom I asked independently of each other, so that neither knew the other's answers - insist he did not eat breakfast. Nor did he have anything to drink. And yet the lunch ladies took his dollar anyway! WTF? Who steals from a five-year-old boy? So I will be calling the school about that tomorrow. This is not the first instance of this, either.

    h. Home, to wait for Chlo and give the Littles a nap. 

I was going to go to the thrift store, to see what I could find, but I wanted to look for tables and chairs, and Rob wasn't up to it. He took a long nap until his tummy woke him up, while I helped Chloë with her homework. Then we photographed all the Little People, yet again, for the person who is interested in them.  We have a lot of those critters!

Well, I better get off to the pharmacy, then. Sure, now that it's all peaceful in the house. I couldn't have thought to leave during all the ruckus?