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Lazy Weekend

We sat around and watched the Olympics as a family for much of this weekend. I think it's important to watch; I want the kids to remember it being on and getting into it with us.  Sophia is now, finally, interested and excited about gymnastics. She has been begging to do dance with Chloë, but we've been telling her to give gymnastics a try. She is just so flexible and tumbly, and we know she will love it when she sees what it is like.

Problem is, now Chloë and Jack are begging to do it, too! I have already paid for Chloë's three dance classes this year (well, for September anyway), and all of her dance clothes, so that's not happening. We'll see how Jack feels about it this coming week, since the papers for U6 soccer haven't come out yet.

So far, in my opinion, Chloë is not particularly talented in dance, but she is not even seven yet. But neither Rob nor I are very athletic, so it will be interesting to see how they do in their various physical activities. I was a good dancer, though; just wish I was allowed to stick with it!

We failed to meet my goal of watching all 3 of our Netflix movies this weekend. We did watch Oceans Thirteen, which was eh, okay. The disc for Hairspray didn't work, and we just didn't feel like watching A Mighty Heart. Have any of you seen it? Are we going to be emotionally distraught from watching it?

We also failed to meet my goal of going to the pool. Gah! I hate wasting an entire summer weekend, not swimming. It makes me really want to go on Mondays, after school, but of course the pool is closed those days. MUST. GO. SWIMMING. This week!

We did accomplish some changing around of the living room. Mainly the toys. I've gotten rid of all Jack's train stuff, and we are trying to get rid of Little People. Folks on Craigslist are really lowballing their offers to me for them, though, and we have a ginormous collection that I hate to just give away like that. I'm holding out... And Steph is going to take the Peek-a-Blocks, so that will really free up a lot of toy space. I'm just so tired of our house looking like a toy factory exploded in there!

And there is so much clutter. That is my next target. Papers, craft stuff, random little things that just pile up... go! away!

Back to women's gymnastics. Have a great week!