Aloha Friday
Lazy Weekend

Pirouettes and Motorcycles


After he came home from school today, Jack was hot to trot to go out side and shoot waterguns. I figured now was as good a time as any to finally break out the Crayola™ toys the kids had gotten for, um, Christmas, as well.



It was blazing hot outside, so I was begging Jack to shoot me with his gun, along with his sister and - his main target - my car!



I thought it was hilarious when I was shooting Sophie "to make her dress black," per her request, and she started drinking the water instead!


Jack channels his inner Andy Warhol.



Jack really enjoyed the splatter toy on the chalk paint wand. We'll definitely need to buy more of that chalk paint. It was such fun. Sophie preferred to mix yellow and blue to make green, over and over and over. Try as I might to get them to branch out to the rest of the driveway, they really prefer to just stick with this one small area near the porch - until they spotted an entirely empty neighbor's driveway! Sorry, Miss Price...



My Summertime Girl.



Sophia was ecstatic when this little guy flew right up next to me. She tried to grab him, but he jumped off. Then a butterfly flew by, and she had a top-of-her-lungs argument with me, trying to tell me it was a moth. I never know whether to force the issue when I know she is wrong or just agree with her to get her to stop yelling!

After a while, it was just too hot to be outside any longer, so we went inside for ice water until Chloë came home from school.  Then we were off again!


This time, it was for our FIFTH (!!!!!) annual pilgrimage to Jeté, the dancewear store. Here, she gets fitted for tap shoes. She'll be taking Tap I again, since she skipped it last year, as well as moving up to Ballet I and Jazz I!



Trying on ballet shoes. We got both pairs of shoes, three leotards for her, black tights, pink tights, and a gymnastics leotard for Sophie, to the tune of $139. Whew! At least we get a discount for the dance school she attends.


Two little heinies, fighting over one small seat!



Sophia trying to peek in while her sister gets dressed



And speaking of astronomical expenses, Rob's nearly-$400 motorcycle helmet arrived today. I balked when he told me how much he spent on it, but he replied that he thought his head was worth that much to me. Well, when you put it that way... Dry


Thing is bigger than he is! He looks like an alien. It's really uncomfortable for him right now, especially taking it on and off. He better get used to it, the motorcycle should be here soon!

That's about our day. Happy weekend, everyone!