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WFMW: Getting My Warm Fuzzies


I'm the kind of person who needs to de-stress on a regular basis. I don't know about you, but I'm a little nutty and can tend to get worked up easily. One of the ways I dump that stress is by knitting and crocheting, but a much faster way I can do it is by getting my warm fuzzies.

If you're a {good} parent, you probably get that feeling from holding your children, kissing their heads, stroking their backs, etc. I need to do this at length every single day, with each of my children. If one of them isn't in a cuddly mood, I just grab one who is! They need it, and I need it.

Another great way is from my pets! Studies show there are great benefits from simply having animals around, but actually petting them? Even better. Simply put, stress dissipates and happiness fills the void. If my kiddos aren't around or in a snuggly mood, I have a bunny, cat, and dog at my disposal! And they are all down with a good petting session. It really works, too. I can literally, physically feel myself loosening up, losing the tension, relaxing, and feeling better.

And that's important.  Does it work for you, too?