Full Larder

1,000 MPH

I really like the git 'er done style of the bullets posts, but I suppose I can't get away with that for long, can I?

It was our now-usual Monday today, for the most part. The Littles and I played some on the Starfall learn-to-read website, which Jack really enjoys. He's so excited whenever he finds a "J like what starts my name" anywhere. Sophia just likes to watch him play on it, but that's probably because I never remember to do it when it's just the two of us.

Chloë came home and immediately started her homework without being asked, while I took the Non-twins upstairs with me for my shower and to fold some laundry. It was done, but now I'm a good two loads behind again. Where do these people get so many clothes?!

Soon, we had to rush out the door for her tappy-tap class. She looks so cute in her tap shoes, black tights and burgundy leotard. There are only a couple of other girls in this class, and I'm sure she is by far the tiniest. Her tap teacher is Miss Jessica, who taught her last year and now teaches Sophia; Miss Sally teaches her ballet, and Miss Darlene, who owns the place, teaches jazz.

After dropping her off, I returned a couple phone calls, including one for my psych eval for the surgery. Turns out there is a waiting list just for an appointment for that! Ugh. I have calls in to two other places, so hopefully I can get something soon. I'm really worried about it. I keep telling myself I am just going to be as cheerful and positive as can be, and not cry like the last time, and I'll be good to go.

Then the three of us headed back toward home to go to Walgreens and pick up the camp pictures I had printed from her camera. The 13 I chose turned out pretty well! Apparently the zoo camera was printed out on another disk, so rather than buy it outright, I asked to open it on their computer and see if there were any pictures even worth having. There weren't. None from the zoo at all, and what was there was just horrible pictures of various areas inside our house! Saved myself five bucks there.

Then we had to skedaddle on over to the credit union to deposit her birthday check from her grandpa. Only, traffic was heavy, and we were stuck in it. I couldn't go left, couldn't go right, couldn't move, and now I was going to be late getting her. I started watching the clock every minute. Finally, we started moving, and I got to the bank, but we were still about ten minutes late to the studio.

Fortunately, she didn't berate me as she is wont to do. She just opened the door, saw me there, and came skipping out to the van. Whatever she might have said vanished as soon as I told her to buckle up and then she could see her pictures! She exclaimed over each and every one, and I was happy thinking that it must have brought back some happy camp memories for her.

We pulled into the driveway literally two seconds ahead of Rob, and then I remembered Chloë had a free birthday dinner coming from the Silver Diner. I really wanted to take just her, on the one hand, and not spend any money, but on the other, I really wanted to be with my family. So I asked Rob what he thought, and he decided we'd all go. So we did. I had to dip into Jack's Christmas present money a little bit, but I'll have long since replaced it before I do my shopping for his big Power Wheels present...

Dinner was good, and the kids ate really well. They each had a chocolate shake, though, and Sophia spilled on her pretty dress. That's what Shout! is for, I guess. Jack ordered plain spaghetti, which isn't my favorite thing for him to have, but when he wants to eat, he eats. Lately he has had a monstrous appetite, too! I kept telling him, "one more bite. Okay, one more bite. One more bite!" and he ate about ten more bites after he'd already eaten enough to satisfy Rob! This comes after eating several yogurts and a bunch of grapes for lunch. Now that he's back on his shots (we had a delay of a month or more when his prescription ran out and there was a mix-up with his physician), his appetite has returned.

When we came home, I reminded Rob that his niece's birthday was the previous day, so he quickly gave his brother a call and spoke to the two-year-old. Soon, Sophia got on the phone with her uncle and then her younger cousin. The conversation from our end was pretty darling as the two girls "chatted," each probably having separate talks. Elizabeth sure has changed since we saw her last June in Missouri!

I'm back to my scrapping now and am halfway through May. Cruisin' right along! It's my last night for a while, though, because Barbara comes on Wednesday and I'm going to pack it up tomorrow night.

Oh, and NOW I have seen everything, in the way of mystery shops! I received an email invitation tonight to do one for a Catholic church service! Mystery shopping church?! I died laughing.