Starlight, Starbright

Another One Bites...

Ugh. I'm so unproductive lately, but this was the worst. I was nauseated and in the bathroom all day long, with an upset tummy, and barely moved. Sadly, we didn't even get to go to dance class today. I just couldn't be too far from my porcelain god for two hours! Here are a few bullets about what I/we did do:

  • Listed several new items on my Etsy site, both the scarves and the latest dish towel set
  • Helped the kids with their homework. Actually Rob did a lot of that tonight, but I did help Chlo with her math, which involved a lot of gnashing of teeth this time. Sigh. It's just not her thing.
  • Made a nice big bowl of exceptionally (IMO) good hummus; devoured it with some pita and cheddar
  • Made a huge Schwan's order online; it'll be here tomorrow and about damn time we got some more food in the house!
  • Spoke to the woman in charge of the CHKD (children's hospital) holiday bazaar about my application to be in the show. Re-sent the application, with a bazillion pictures, after she couldn't find it.
  • Cleaned out the kitty litter box and vacuumed the office
  • Uh, watched some shows we had DVRed?

Really, that's about all the big accomplishments. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. It better. I have my psych consult in Newport News and am quite nervous about it!