Rise And Shine
Full Larder

Bullets Over Broadway

It wasn't a very productive day, but I did get a few things done:

  • Laundry. What else is new? Two more loads, or maybe three, and now it's done. Until tomorrow.
  • Finished what I can do with the Brownies scrapbook, even without the pictures from Chloë's cameras. Realized the zoo pictures were never going to happen anyway, because she couldn't get the camera to work.
  • Made cinnamon rolls for the kids for breakfast. Chloë and Jack couldn't finish theirs; Sophia ate twice as much.
  • Napped. Of course. We all did.
  • Went to Walgreens to return my defective disk. Put it into their computer, and 192 (out of 48) pictures popped up: four copies of each one, plus a bunch of their photo products at the end. Annoying! Selected my 13 from her camp week to print; will go back tomorrow to pick them up.
  • Baked and decorated a cake, just 'cause. I'll show pictures on Wordless Wednesday this week. It could have been better because (a) I need more practice and (b) my cake and icing weren't cold enough and things kind of slid around, but I'm not concerned since it wasn't for any kind of special occasion, other than doing something pleasing for my husband and children. (I don't like cake.)
  • Um, showered, and I guess that's it.

Have a happy week!