Tulle Frenzy

CAT Scratch Fever


It's 10 AM.  I'm exhausted. Why? Because I was up 'til 0400 on my monthly charity crochet-a-thon thingy online. I haven't won any prizes yet but I'm back at it this morning. Here's hoping!

So yesterday, the big kids started their 2½ week Fall Break, and yet I had to bring them all to school with me so I could have parent-teacher conferences. For the most part, they behaved well. The girls both decided to wear pretty, fancy dresses and got lots of compliments throughout the school. Mr. Timlin, the principal, was especially fond of Chloë's dress. But I digress.

First, I met with Jack's very pregnant teacher, Mrs. Swann. I love her. She's cute as a button, for one thing, but I also like her teaching style and methods. Jack's special whatchamacallit teacher, who pulls him out for 30 min per day, was also there. They said he has shown marked improvement from the beginning of the year, especially with his writing, and that he was on grade level for everything except that but they expected him to be there soon. I was really happy with his report and elated that he's on grade level for everything!

Then we met with Mrs. Duke, Chloë's teacher. She has also shown major improvement where she needed to, namely in math and in her work habits. Apparently, which I didn't know, she's had to sit out a few recesses to get her classwork done, and that's helped her hurry it up a bit! She knows what to do, but she is such a huge daydreamer that it takes her forever to get there. She is also on grade level for everything - even math!! - and only needs to work more on understanding coins. I made up a coin cheat sheet for both her and Jack, so I'm hoping that will help them both out in addition to what we already do with them. In the meantime, I just hope it clicks...

Afterward, we ran to the post office to mail a few packages and get some stamps. The kids behaved well, and Jack made the postal worker laugh when he asked for candy. She said, "I'm sorry, honey, this isn't the bank!" with a laugh.

Then, because I didn't have much in the way of lunch on hand and it was past that time, I took the kids to their favorite place for lunch: Panera! What, you thought it was for me? Noooo. Hehe. They love it, too. Everyone ate a fantastic lunch, and I was well pleased. Again, they were on their best behavior, and I had to remark on how well they were doing all day.

When we got home, it was time for naps. Even Chloë took one - nay, even me - and behold, it was good.  Jack got up first, and roused me, but Sophia stayed asleep for a very long time. Until Daddy got home, I think, and he came in late after trying to bring my medical record to the surgery center.

Anyway. I'm rambling a bit in my tiredness, sorry.

I checked my email to find out whether I was accepted to the Holiday Bazaar for the local children's hospital, and I was! So soon I will be in a booth, selling my tutus and hair clips, and if they let me, my dish towel sets. I'm so excited! I started making tutus last night, and then more hair clips once Rob got back from Walmart with them for me.


Don't know why the picture is so overexposed, but anyway, the craft room was (is) a big mess of tulle and ribbons and flowers!


We're awash in tutus!! I can't figure out how to store them for the next month so they won't get covered in cat hair, or worse!


First came the gray and amythest one...


Again, the picture is more garish than the actual tutu, but I don't feel like fixing it. This is a Christmas one, red and pine green, with red bows and roses - and jingle bells!


And my absolute favorite, the Mardi Gras tutu, complete with gold ribbon, purple roses, and jingle bells! I love it. Can't take the credit; it was Rob's idea.

Back to my crochet-a-thon and making more hair clips!