Wordless Sunday
Wordless Wednesday: Bye-Bye, Flutterbys

First Goal Met; On To The Next

Quickly, quickly, because it's the middle of the night, I woke up, and now I'm getting tired again:

Nothing doing during the day, just hanging out. Took Chloë to tap and the Littles hung out in the back seats while I crocheted on another dishtowel, green this time. (Still not done.)

Made our way leisurely back home, because Daddy had an 1800 meeting at the house and had gotten there way early, so I didn't have to tackle the clean-up.

Went out with Chloë to sell Fall Product. We got two houses down when Daddy came out to tell me Sophia was pouting the full-on lip because I didn't take her with me. I told him to have her get her shoes on and join us, so she did. Happy, happy girl.

Chloë did a great job and sold 24 items - four more than our troop goal per-girl (as designated by me) and one less than the second incentive item. She'll get a patch and, with one more item, a cool light-up pen. Whoopee! She's really looking forward to that. Of course, our main goal is 65 items to get her all the rewards, so we'll be out hoofing it again soon.

{I haven't offered it here, because it's not allowed. But if anyone wants to buy from her, let me know. You'll have to pay for shipping though, because sending out all those cookies last year was $$$$, and I can't do it this time!}

Ran into crazy bus stop lady, who as usual played her competitive whose-kids-are-tinier game, which I can't stand. It's like she's jealous my kid needs shots and hers, who go to the same doc, didn't get them.  Really, I wish he didn't need them, and I'm hoping Chlo won't need them, either. It's not fun. She also gave me a million scare stories, because I send the two of them down to the bus stop by themselves in the morning. I don't know what I'm going to do; figure I'll talk to the kids in the morning about it. I know she's full of shite, though, so ... I'll probably keep doing what I'm doing. She did say my kids behave very well, so that's a plus.

Watched Dancing With the Stars premiere tonight. It was good! Surprised by lots of folks. Anyone else watch? I love this show! I can't wait until it gets GOOD. Susan Lucci bugs the crap out of me, I decided. Jeffrey Ross impressed me. Hm. I LMAO at his joke: "Speaking of ballroom, these pants are too tight!" Hilarious. And how much do we love Cloris Leachman???