Bullets Over Broadway
1,000 MPH

Full Larder

Once again, because I want to get right back to my scrapping (I'm well into April now and have all the pictures printed out through the end of May!), here are some bullets about our day:

  • Rob finished his motorcycle safety course. Unfortunately, he did not pass the skills test because he went too slow! Aagh. I tried to be supportive, but thinking about the money it'll cost to redo the course got the best of me in these tough times. Sorry, honey.
  • We were supposed to go on a playdate at Claire's house, but her mother emailed me to say their air conditioning was broken and their house was VERY hot. I wasn't feeling good at the time, so we decided to reschedule for next weekend.
  • I made more cinnamon rolls for the kids for brunch. Oh, man, do my kids love them! Sophia ate even more than I did. Jack was pretty mad that she ate what he didn't finish. He's been kind of mean to her lately.
  • I did our grocery shopping. For the first time in my life, my coupons were not just doubled but tripled! I saved over $52, about 19% of my order. That was exciting. As usual when I returned home, Rob carried in the food, I scanned it, Chloë stuffed all the bags into the biggest one, and the Non-Twins ran around exclaiming over everything they wanted to eat!
  • I made a few scrapbook pages, and now I want to go make some more. Try as I might to get this year into two books, I think it will end up taking me three...

Happy Monday, y'all.